Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

In case you're wondering, we had a Jedi knight, a nurse/doctor/medical person, a Clone commander, and two little princesses!


This Last Week

I was in Texas a week ago for a high school reunion. I actually graduated 22 years ago, but the class that was celebrating their 20th decided to include five other classes in the reunion besides theirs. It was a mega-reunion! And lots of fun! I did not go as camera crazy as I usually do. I think I was too busy chatting. :-)

The first night my mom, my uncle, my nephew and I went out to eat with Lowell (who is like my second dad, as you may remember from this post). We had a good laugh at the end of the meal when the server brought the bill...only there wasn't one!

Then the next day Lowell took me to the cemetery to see Carol's grave stone. The cemetery is a beautiful place, so peaceful and one of those places that you almost forget where you are. Because they have had so much rain, we didn't walk around too much, but we did enjoy driving around to look at the dates on some of the head stones. Quite a few of them are from the 1800's. It was a very special time and I will treasure it always (including the great conversation we had in the car on the way back to my mom's and sitting in her driveway). Thanks for giving me so much of your time, Lowell!

Reunion is the group that came to the BBQ...
I was able to spend time with my sweet friend, Astrid, and her husband, Brit. It was an amazing time of reconnecting and talking about Kingdom stuff!
There was a football game, of course!
And lots of stories!!! These are my friends, Lacy, Connie and Wanda.
Me and my adorable niece Hallie!
Again with Astrid and our friend, Sandra.
I don't have pictures of the others, but I had so many amazing visits and conversations! I am blessed to have spent time with my mom, my uncle, my brother and his family, and friends (Jim and CJ and Sarah who lives with them, Kay M., Carolyn S., Carolann, Peb and Lori. I also stayed up visiting and laughing with my friends Lacy and Lori! It was a great way to end my time there. Love to all of you!).
Then I came back home to even more colour than we had before I left! Amazing. Here are some shots from a hike with our friends, the M's.
Found a cool fort...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A New Look

Our hair and glasses all in the same week!

Our same sweet girl with a new look!

You are beautiful, my dear! XOXO


Busy Blessed Days

We were so blessed on Sunday to go and worship with some new friends in their Russian church. Bob had met the pastor through several meetings they had been in together and Pastor Uri invited Bob to speak to his fellowship about the things God is doing in our lives and on campus.

Bob and I have both been to Russia at separate times and the country and the wonderful people are still in our hearts. It was a great opportunity for our children to experience a new culture and a different way of worship. Check them out singing from a hymnal below (that was new for the three younger ones).

I did not get many pictures of the beautiful people, but it was a time we will always treasure. We hope to see them again sometime in the future.

This week we also had the opportunity to go on a neat field trip. The first part of it was a lesson on creation. Then we went to a conservation area to search for fossils and go on a hike. It was a gorgeous fall day. There were snakes, salamanders, good friends, fossils, beautiful scenery, and ladybugs galore!

These are crinoids.

Another big part of the week was someone getting a new "do"! The big reveal coming soon.

And last night we went to a dress rehearsal for the local opera. I was not familiar with this particular show, but I had read on the website and it sounded fine. I was, unfortunately, wrong about that, as they left out quite a few details in the write-up. It was not exactly family-friendly. However, we made the best of it, enjoyed the beautiful music and singing and used it as one of those you-live-and-learn kind of experiences.

This week we also had home church on Sunday night which is always a huge blessing and time of connecting with some amazing people. Then Monday two beautiful friends came over for lunch and one stayed for hours of visiting, which made my day! Then we made a visit to a sweet friend and her two adorable children on Tuesday. They have recently moved back into our area and it was so nice to see them again.
Now I am getting ready to make a trip to Texas for a reunion! The menu plan is made and the pantry and refrigerator stocked for my crew so that they do not have to come up with ideas on their own.
Next...finishing up another load of laundry, organizing and packing.