Friday, January 27, 2012

Thank you for praying!

From yesterday...

Wow...there were many doors opened yesterday and thanks for praying. A very unique mix of attendees: Several political action committees, government staffers, some press, Christian ministires, secular and religious Jewish and Israeli groups. It was good to get IFA reconnected with several friends. Two different ministries, unprompted by me, spoke encouraging words using the phrase "open doors" over our family and IFA...exactly what I asked you to pray for.
Thanks again...your prayers were answered!
Will keep you posted.
Bob Royce

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Updates from Tuesday and Wednesday

The message that seems to keep coming through clearly here is that the Kingdom of God always and I do mean always is heralded by healing and deliverance. Look at Matt 9 and 10. This is how you know that the Kingdom of God has come.....there is healing and deliverance. Now you will notice in Acts that there were places were there were strong manifestations of deliverance such as Acts 8 and 19 and in both of these chapters there was also a powerful occult presence in the community. In others, the manifestations were not so pronounced. So there will be a variation of how the manifestations looks depending on local issues. However in all cases where Jesus ministered there were signs and wonders manifested by the casting out of demons and healing the sick. So it will be in our day as well. There has been nothing to change. The same authority He gave to His disciples then He gives to us now. The enemy has "dumbed" us down over the years to no longer expect or believe for these things.....however the Gospel of the Kingdom is manifested by these miracles. We must not be deceived on this point. Today in the afternoon we will accompany Onesmus to open air preaching in the streets. We met with people in the fellowship today and heard the testimony of a young mother who was healed of breast cancer 2 months ago in the fellowship. She had been told she must have a mastectomy....she came and was prayed for and when she returned to the doctor he could find no cancer. She went for a 2nd opinion and he could find no cancer as well. Others testified of God providing jobs and peace at home after prayer. The Kingdom is being brought here. So continue to pray for this work.
On Tuesday, we distributed food to the grandmothers for the orphans. Always a humbling and moving experience. I am constantly reminded of how much the Lord loves the poor and especially the widows and orphans. Not that he loves them more but rather is moved at how evil has been the devil's grip on them in poverty and fatherlessness. We then went to Makutano Junction where there is a new fellowship. I sensed on entering that there were many held in bondage in the room. There was restlessness with babies crying and people moving...much like what it used to be in Machakos until more anointing came. So I turned it over to Onesmus early in the meeting to bring salvation and deliverance to the people. That is his anointing. After praying for salvation, then the room erupted in shrieks and even vomiting as evil spirits left. Many were saved and then delivered. At the end of this, there was a totally different atmosphere with peace and joy replacing the restlessness and torment. As I have mentioned before, one cannot understand Africa and it's problems even in the church without understanding and moving in deliverance. Quite striking. Today we have a healing and deliverance service here in Machakos and then open air preaching in the streets later in the day.
We leave on Saturday for the bush.
Thanks for praying.
Yesterday in the evening, Onesmus preached in the open air market near Machakos. Many children were there and some adults. Several were saved and healed and two were delivered. When these meetings occur on weekends, many come and are affected. This particular area is heavily dominated by witchcraft. As Onesmus continues to target this area, these strongholds are weakened. We will go there again today. During the day, we will walk into the hills to visit some of the orphan's homes. Onesmus told us yesterday of an encounter that he had over a year ago when a devil worshiper tried to give him money....400,000 Kenya shillings. He sensed a trap and refused the money knowing that a curse would come with it. A young pastor here in Machakos took the money and Onesmus warned him to give it back as there would come a curse with it. He refused and said it was just money. Two days ago he was killed in an accident on Mombasa highway in the vehicle that he used the money to purchase. As he pointed out, in this environment and really in any environment, one must stay clean and pure.
We leave on Saturday for the bush.
Thanks for your prayers.

Please continue praying...

This is an update from two days ago and I have more to report in a separate post...

Here is an update for the last two days.

On Saturday, we fed the orphans chicken stew. 80 chickens were killed to feed them. It was a very moving time. It was good to see the health of the orphans as they have improved in health since we started this program of feeding them. It was a good time of remembering how the Lord has led and provided for their needs.

It came to light on Saturday that Machakos as a town was founded by a witchdoctor named Masaku thus the name Machakos. The 1st building in the town was built with a foundation that included the blood offering of witchcraft....thus the foundation of this city is a blood covenant with the enemy. So you see why so much poverty and witchcraft in the city. This city is more intrinsically poor than most in Kenya and there is no intrinsic wealth here. Also there is much more witchcraft and demonization than in other parts of Kenya. The Lord had told me in my spirit several days ago that we should have communion together with Onesmus and Esther. I then received a text from Angela M. that the Lord had spoken to her in Cincinnati at a 3am feeding of her baby while she prayed in the Spirit that it was important for us to take communion and meditate on the power of the blood of Jesus. So on Saturday night we did that.

The Lord began to stir me then about the blood covenant this city through it's founder has with the enemy and that this covenant needs to be renounced and the New Covenant in the blood of Christ put over this city. So that was the message on Sunday morning. It moved the people and we as a people did repent for the evil the founders of this city had done and we proclaimed the stronger covenant in Jesus' blood. I told the people that this would not be easy and that the enemy would fight to keep his territory but that Jesus' through His blood would prevail.

In the evening we had a healing and deliverance service where about 30 people were saved and then many began to shriek and writhe in demonic even vomiting up blood as the demons left. Again we were reminded that in both Luke 11 and Matt 12, Jesus made clear that if we do not stand with Him in casting out demons then we scatter and are not with Him. This is a crucial element of the Kingdom. He says that the way you know that the Kingdom of God has come upon a place is that the finger of God casts out demons through initially Jesus and now us in His name. This is how you know the Kingdom has come. The Kingdom of God is not is word but in power. Healing and deliverance are essential elements in the Kingdom of cannot have God's Kingdom without this.

In the evening, we discussed the day with Onesmus and Esther. It seemed to us that in order for there to be a proper renunciation of the demonic blood covenant underlying this city, then it would be good to have the leadership of the city to renounce the old covenant and ask the Lord to cover this city in His blood and blood covenant of the cross. Then I believe we would see even more power of God and restoration over this city and area. There is also the need for more intensive discipling of the leaders here and from the bush churches. So it may be necessary for me to return in March at which time I have asked that Onesmus and Esther begin to pray and fast that we receive favor with the civil authorities and invite them to a meal at Onemus' house. At that meal I would discuss with them the power of the Blood of Jesus and the need to renounce as a city the old covenant that has allowed witchcraft, poverty, disease and other bondage to prevail here. Onesmus says that he has favor and that they will come. We will keep this as a matter for prayer and then see how the Lord opens the door. We will also try to include other leaders from the churches that have opposed us.

When I am here new stories emerge that give me even greater appreciation for the work. Onesmus told me that last January he was taking 79 bibles we had bought into the bush to distribute them. It was a time of rain. So no vehicles could move. He walked 7-8 hours into the bush with these bibles on his back for 2 hrs and then paid two people to help him carry them the remaining 5 or 6 hrs. This really impressed me and I asked him why he had not told me before.....he simply replied that you do not have to know everything and that this was nothing....just his duty.

Esther told us that during the time before I came the first time and they were having so many problems that she had at one time packed up all her things and was going to return to Meru away from Machakos. Onesmus said he would stay and preach. She got a certain distance and then the vehicle would no longer go toward Meru and would only go towards Machakos. So she knew that she had to return to Machakos and could not leave. God was determined for this.

There will be 3 days of open air preaching this week....Weds, Thurs and Friday as well as more healing and deliverance services. Food will be distributed to the grandmothers on Tues.

Thanks for praying.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Egyptian Christians

This video (and there are more) was just brought to my attention. The children and I just watched with rejoicing and tears (on my part)! I am so encouraged by seeing these brothers and sisters in Christ, who are facing such danger and opposition, full of the Spirit and praise to Jesus. Absolutely beautiful!

We bless you, Followers of Jesus in Egypt, and we pray for continued joy and peace and protection for you.

2 requests

HI Friends,

I have 2 quick requests.

1. One of our goals at IFA is to help mobilize Community Prayer Watches [CPW]...groups of Christians taking responsibility for their local community by praying and interceding for the good of their neighborhood and city. As these groups are established, they help prepare the way for spiritual awakening and transforming revival across our great country. So far this year we have seen a significant increase in interest. If we at IFA can assist you in this area, please let us know and contact me or our office at

2. I am headed into DC today to participate in a briefing on Capitol Hill regarding Israel and the Middle East. This is a huge privilege and I don't just waltz into the nation's capitol in my own strength. Please pray for favor, open doors and the power of the Holy Spirit. I am going to learn, network and intercede on behalf of our Jewish friends, Israel and America's policy with Israel during these crucial days. There is a global rise of anti-semitism that is causing great concern. I believe it is paramount in this season to stand in the gap [Ezekiel 22:30].

Thanks for praying.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sid Roth - It's Supernatural: Dr. Cindy Trimm

I just watched this online message from Sid Roth's program with Dr. Cindy Trimm. What a beautiful and encouraging testimony and a message that has been on my heart for the past year. Our words are powerful and can change our destinies!

You can watch here...

Sid Roth - It's Supernatural: Dr. Cindy Trimm

Be blessed!

News from Kenya!

Our friend Peb is back ministering in Kenya. Here are the first two updates from him...

We landed in Nairobi last night and are now in Machkaos. This is what I can say regarding the trip so far. It is opposed! On Tuesday, this was the day of departure, I had a noon flight out of DFW. Virtually every road into Dallas going the way of the airport was either blocked by a wreck or was delayed due the backup from the shutdown of I-30. So we chose to go through McKinney and even on that road there was a wreck causing some delay. However had left early and made the flight okay. After arriving at the gate I heard from David in Cincinnati who is traveling with me that his flight was real explanation. However he received favor from the gate agent who was able to reroute him and he and his luggage made it. Here in Machakos, Onesmus tells me that as soon as he announced that we were coming, many pastors began to pray against this trip and even that I would be cut off from Africa. Some even prayed from my death. This is due to severe jealousy. Over the past few weeks, the Lord has been instructing me concerning praying in the Spirit i.e. praying in tongues. He has shown me the power that this releases around and through us. So on this journey; I have been praying in the Spirit a lot even on the airplane. Time and time again, I have seen how this has sped us on our way. I connected through Atlanta and there was an issue of rain/thunderstorms there on my trip. I prayed in the Spirit the whole time on the way there and in the airport. No rain occurred until we got to the runway to take off and then it started but did not affect us. Again, the lesson here is in our daily lives, we must be praying without ceasing in the Spirit as I think this is what Paul meant. It will release God's power in our lives and will cause Romans 8:28 to work for us. That is what I am learning. I am expecting God to do things here on this trip and it will be put into effect as we pray without ceasing in the Spirit causing us to be built up in our most holy faith...Jude 20. We are now in Machakos, and we have our first meeting tomorrow for healing and deliverance. As David and I walked the streets today, as you are sensitive to the Spirit, you see the demonic oppression and even possession that is an everyday occurrence due to witchcraft. One cannot understand Africa and its problems with understanding deliverance ministry....the casting out of demons. In this context, Jesus said clearly that “he that is not with me scatters” other words, in the context of deliverance, if we are not with Him on this, we are scattering according to the context of this word. It is spoken in context of casting out demons. There are many churches over here whose theology came from the US that does not teach nor practice this and the people are not helped. So pray for us while we are here that we will have the power necessary for this vital work of healing and deliverance as we pray for the people.

Thanks for praying!

We had a meeting today for healing and deliverance. As we met and as prayer was being offered, many who were demonized began to scream and writhe on the floor with some spitting and gagging. Many had to be taken out of the meeting hall to finish the work of deliverance from the demons. Of note was a young man who had been in prison and had often visited witchdoctors. As the demons began to come out, he began to foam at the mouth and then repent of going to the witchdoctors. It took a while as one of the demons became stuck in his throat, but he eventually became free. There was a young girl who until one week ago had been normal, but then she was cursed by a witchdoctor and had not walked since. She was about 4 or 5. After prayer and anointing with oil, she slowly regained the ability to walk and walked out of the service free of the curse. Some of the people had walked here from far. Some had walked for 5 hours. Many were not a part of the fellowship, but had heard that healing was to be found in this place. Today was very significant for deliverance from the demons. The Lord is indeed doing a work here and is setting people free. In the service today also there were about 40 or 50 people who were saved and then prayed for to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit. So the fruit of the service today was healing, salvation and deliverance. Thanks for praying for us. Continue to pray for the freedom of the people of Machakos and East Africa.



Praise the Father for all He is doing in Kenya! I am excited to read more in the next few days!

An Update and a New Job!

Hi Friends,
It was this time a year ago back in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, that the Lord starting inviting our family on a faith journey to the Washington, D.C., area to help prepare our home country for awakening and revival. It has been an invigorating, challenging and strengthening year for the Royce crew during this privileged transition. We want to say “Thank you” to each of you for continuing to partner with us prayerfully and financially during 2011. We are grateful for you walking with us on this journey!
We have a couple of good things to share…First off, we moved into our rental home on December 15. Our shipment from Canada arrived without any issues and for the most part all of the boxes have been unpacked. After going from "tent to tent" for the last 6 months of 2011, we are now starting to get settled. Many thanks again to new hospitable friends here in the area who welcomed us to the community.
Second, I am privileged to come on board the Intercessors for America [IFA] team. The ministry was founded in 1973 to help mobilize prayer for awakening and revival in America. Our ministry team believes that in the years to come as historians look back on 2012, one of two things will be said: Either it was a dramatic turning point in our history or it was a missed opportunity during which the United States declined at an accelerated rate.
We also believe though that there is both a biblical and historical hope for awakening and revival. The invitation is extended to us through these 3 scriptural truths:
1. God is the God of the Nations Job 12:23
2. God desires mercy over judgment Jeremiah 18:7-10
3. God unlocks this mercy through prayer and repentance 2 Chronicles 7:14
It is with this hope and vision that we want to let you know about IFA. I will be networking, speaking, teaching and training with friends old and new across the country to mobilize prayer. We have some great tools and resources to help families, small groups, churches and communities pray for our country. Check out and let us know how we can help you.
Also, we want to thank you for partnering with us financially. We have a simple, new online giving opportunity setup through the website to facilitate your giving:
2. Click on Donate on right side
3. In the Comments section type “Field Staff Bob Royce”
You are also welcome to send checks to IFA:
Intercessors for America
On a separate note or in the check memo: Bob Royce
P.O. Box 915
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Lastly, If you are in Greenville, TX, Ridgecrest Baptist Church will continue to facilitate giving for Royce Ministries and send a check once a month to IFA here in Virginia.
On behalf of the whole Royce crew, we say “Thank You!” again and again for continuing to walk with us!

With love and gratitude,
Bob and Scarlett Royce

Bob Royce
Mobilization Coordinator
Intercessors for America
PO Box 915
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