Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time at the Cottage

When we came to live here all we ever heard about was 'going to the cottage'! Canadians really know how to take advantage of holidays and taking proper "time off". We are finally learning from them! This summer we sense God telling us to rest (I have had some physical issues that are spurring that along, too). We are scaling way back and like my last post mentioned, being still. We want to live in His presence and hear from Him. We are still hoping for more time away, however God provides.

A good friend offered us her family's cottage on Lake Huron. It's really not a "cottage" but a lovely, spacious, light-filled, five bedroom home. It was perfect! There is no television or computer. Ah, to be unplugged! (Well, Bob had his Blackberry, but rarely looked at it except to check the World Cup scores and the news on the earthquake that hit the Toronto area.) The weather was lovely--sunny and a few short rain showers. We listened to relaxing music, hung out, took the children to see Toy Story 3, ate yummy food, went to the beach, listened to the birds singing, read books, played lots of shuffleboard games, played cards, slept late and really rested. We were a little sad to come home, but we are SO thankful for our time away.

Many blessings!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Being Still

This is where the Father has me right now. Being still before Him.