Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Shall Not Be Shaken

Blessings in Jesus!



And let us not forget...Haiti.

Blessings in Jesus.

Saturday's News!

We just arrived back from Kibunga. It rained in Meru and most of the way to Kibunga last night. Bob G had prayed for the rain according to the vision he received from God before coming. It has rained much. This is a prophetic picture for what the Lord intends to do here. The rain is out of season for now....all agree that this is miraculous. It stopped just short of Kibunga, but interestingly a widow lady who is building a house in Kibunga saw the rain coming and prayed against it as her roof is not on yet and the rain split in two and went around. So even in this we give the Lord praise and we watch what He is doing. In the time in Kibunga, we saw a deaf boy healed as the prayer team surrounded him and prayed and then a little girl with eye pain and obvious infection was healed of pain and the eye began clearing. So we praise Him for this today. We go to Ithitwe tomorrow. There is always a freedom there for the word of God and we expect that this time as well. Thanks for praying.

And I just saw Bob's FB status update exclaiming the great news about the little boy who was deaf and can now hear! Crying happy, rejoicing tears!

Blessings in Jesus!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's News

Via text...

In Meru, no internet today. Onesmus’ daughter Irene developed malaria, proven by blood test. Normally, recovery takes 1 week, but we prayed and she was healed overnight and will go to school in the morning. We are going to Kibunga in the morning.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada to Americans

Blessings in Jesus!

More from Tuesday...

Afternoon Report

Bob Royce and I along with Esther went to the hills to visit some of the homes of the families that we help. We had a very gorgeous and cool day. We have had rain the last 4 nights which is a miracle this time of the year and was prayed for and in by Bob G after he received a vision about praying for the rain to come to Kenya. He received that vision on Feb 13th. Each day for the last 4 we have had significant rain and clouds each day and night. We visited the home of the young woman that many of you have heard about who has HIV and TB and a little over a year ago this woman died one night and was wrapped for the mortuary all night. During the time of her departure from earth, she saw her name on a wall that she was condemned to hell. After crying all night she told that if she would repent of the evil she had done, she would be sent back. She did and was sent back. At the time I first met her, she could not walk due to weakness and she had been in hospital for 2 months. She was saved last May or June and she is now able to walk and is getting more strength all the time. She is a widow and has 3 children and 2 have HIV. Her 10 yr old named Faith has HIV and has had TB in the spine. This has destroyed her 4th lumbar vertebra so that she is in pain and the lower back is kyphotic. There is also a mass near the vertebral area displacing things laterally. We prayed today for Faith and for her healing. As you feel called to do so, would request that you pray for her to be healed. As of now, she is scheduled to be taken to a hospital in Nairobi on March 3rd for possible surgery. Would ask you to pray for supernatural healing of Faith and that her name would truly represent her attitude in this thing. The poverty of these homes we visit in the hills is grinding. However, there is hope in this dark place as we see the Lord move among these folks. There was hope in this home we visited this morning unlike when I visited in March 2009.


Morning Report

Went to a new home fellowship last night at a young man's house who is very faithful and strong in the Lord. This fellowship is located in the witchcraft stronghold of the area. It was clear immediately that the ground was very hard. Most of the folks that were there had come out of Catholicism and many had been delivered of very defiling their ministry Onesmus told us that they would vomit up blood and worms as the demons left. But there are some who have not been completely delivered yet and their presence makes the work of ministry in this area hard going. I had Bob G to speak about what it means to believe on Christ. Before he could speak he began laughing and could not stop laughing. The joy of the Lord came on him so strong. As you know the joy of the Lord is our strength. We did not see any powerful works there. However this is only the beginning of this work. The plowing of the ground must happen and the seed sowed. Upon departure both Bob Royce and G felt some stomach cramping which had come from the witchcraft present there. It was quickly disposed of by prayer. I do believe that the joy of the Lord expressed by Bob G had so weakened the power of the witchcraft that all it could do was a little stomach cramping. Praise His name. Continue to pray for us here as we go into these areas of the enemy's strongholds. He has been faithful and I expect on return to see God will have moved in a powerful way on this home group in John's house.

We leave for the bush on the 25th. Looking forward to what the Lord will do there.


Blessings in Jesus!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Siloam and Faith

From Bob this morning...

Enjoyed a great walk through the lush valley and hills with Esther, Peb, John and Mary to go visit some of the orphan families. Huge beautiful mango tree, lots of maize, chickens, goats, cattle, etc.

We got to visit the home of Siloam and Faith. Siloam is the lady who died, went to hell, came back and received salvation. She is a widow with 3 children. Siloam could not walk after she came back. She got saved. She had to be carried from place to place. So now she is using a cane and walking some! I placed my hands on her feet, thanked God that she has had healing and prayed for more. She and 2 of her kids have HIV. Her oldest girl is Faith. She is HIV as well. Faith came down with TB last year. It affected her spine and there is also a soft tissue mass of some sort bulging from her lower back. We saw Faith's x-rays and the damage done to her spine. I laid hands on her first and spoke God's love over her. Prayed that she would be healed before her scheduled surgery on 3 March. Then Peb prayed and rebuked all the infirmity, etc. I then kissed her on the forehead. We thanked God that He had already visited the home. We are praying for another miracle and for continued restoration in that home.

Enjoying the peace of the Lord and know you guys are as well.

Lots of love!

Siloam is mentioned in this earlier post. And I find it a beautiful irony that Siloam in the Bible is the name of a pool of water where Jesus healed a blind man.

Father, please touch Faith with Your healing hand! Please continue to watch over this family and provide for their great needs. Please bless them with Your love and mercy. And may many more come to know You because of their testimony!

Blessings in Jesus!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Days of News


The joy of the Lord came in the service today and the joyous outpouring of worship came out of it. It was truly wonderful. For the 1st time I felt as one with the Kenyans in their worship. It broke loose things in me and in them. We were told later that many were healed in the worship. No one had prayed for them. This is indeed even a newer and higher level of joy and worship for us all.


And from Bob:

Had an amazing worship time this am. We came back this afternoon just to hang out for a bit. Heard that people were healed just being in the Lord's presence...didn't even ask for healing. Onesmus saw them on the road walking after the meeting and they told him they came into the meeting with afflictions then we worshipped the Lord with joy and just being in His presence they were healed.


I forgot to mention yesterday that in a time of testimonies at the Fellowship yesterday a lady told us of her 12 yr old daughter who was unable to speak and had never spoken. Onesmus had prayed for the Mom to be healed. He also prayer over oil to anoint her daughters lips and instructed the mom to cast out the dumb demon. The mom went home and anointed her daughters lips with the oil, laid hands on her and commanded the demon to leave. The daughter then began to speak normally. Quite a miracle! God is really moving among these people. He is changing us as well. We will attend another home fellowship meeting today and be able to meet with a small group of people in their home area.


And from Bob...

Things here are great. God is really moving. We cancelled the afternoon meeting b/c the church left in so much joy and even some were healed w/o asking after the morning meeting. The team was tired, so we all just rested and then ate at Esther's.

Onesmus, Peb and I are going on a hike up to the hills today and then not much this afternoon.

And then later...
Went on about a 2.5 hour hike up to the hills...nice cloud and a bit of rain at the top...felt great but I did get a workout!...home fellowship tonite.


I hope you are enjoying reading and rejoicing over these reports as much as I am! And yes, I long to be there. One day, in God's timing.

And I realized I haven't said anything about us here on the home front. We are happy, healthy and full of the Peace that passes all understanding! Yes, we miss Bob like crazy, but we are thrilled that God has taken him to Kenya and connected all of us with our brothers and sisters in Christ who live there. We support everything the Father is doing there, even from far away.

Thank you, Father, for Your love, goodness, provision, and peace over us and for pouring out Your Spirit in Machakos!

Blessings in Jesus!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's Update

Some amazing things are happening here. We spent time yesterday at the fellowship and had lots of African praise and worship. Toward the end of the session about 5:30pm, some people brought in a woman who had her hands tied with rope. She was demonized and was so severe that to control her, they had to tie her with rope. They were from 54 miles away and had started out at dawn and traveled some of the way by foot and then had gotten a vehicle at some point. When John began ministering to her she began shrieking at the top of her lungs. Apparently her grandmother is a witchdoctor and had put the demons in her. John knew these people and had ministered to this young lady before but the grandmother had put the demons back in her after the ministry. However this time, he got her filled with the Holy Spirit and hopefully will have a different outcome. After about 45 mins, she was sane again and able to sit under a tree and converse normally. On coming in, she was absolute insane and out of control, but the peace of the Lord was on her after ministry.

We had a very unusual thunderstorm last night which produced much rain. Bob G. had had a vision of rain in Kenya 2 days before we came. In the vision he saw a man praying for rain both physical and in the Spirit. It is highly unusual to have rain here in Feb. Bob prayed for the rain last night. I think this is an answer to his prayer and confirmation that God is about to move here in power by the Holy Spirit.

This am, we attended a home fellowship meeting in a nearby village. This is an overflow of the main fellowship. It was so good and was very sweet in it's atmosphere. So much peace and joy with these people. The work here indeed is overflowing and producing good fruit.

Thanks for praying.


My Bob also wrote saying that they had spent time helping to feed the orphans today:
**Had an amazing time being with the orphans and their ministry is beautiful and full of life and hope! What a privilege. And all their caretakers are so grateful to God.**

Blessings in Jesus!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kenya Updates

I continue to be amazed by God and in awe of Him and what He is doing in Kenya.

Here are the updates from the past few days.

Received 02/17/10 11:28 PM

Met yesterday evening with the fellowship and ate with Esther and Onesmus. The work is growing here. There are now over 600 coming to fellowship each Sunday and there are now new home groups meeting each Sunday in the hills around Machakos so that those folks don't have to walk so far for fellowship. This is certainly good news but does present issues as to how to teach and instruct properly so that this does not just become another "church" like so many other moves of the Lord. I need intercession for wisdom and direction in this regard. Many are indeed being healed and delivered here. The team we worked with last Dec is functioning well. It is a bit daunting to see the task ahead and to properly discern how to steward that which the Lord entrusts here. Thanks for your prayers.


Received 02/18/10 5:25 AM

It was clear this morning that something new is happening here. We were to meet with a small group of folks from the fellowship and just share with them. People just kept coming in throughout the morning...some from many miles aways and some had walked 2-3 hours to get there. The hunger level of the people was overwhelming. I asked Onemus to intoduce as many as he could to me and tell me if they were mature believers or new. It was about 50% new believers of less than 1 year old in the Lord. We spoke of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many received. However one young lady that I prayed for had come with her baby because she had had this child with a witch doctor and she knew it was sin and wanted to be saved and her baby prayed for. So we led her to Christ and then broke off of her the witchcraft and broke off of the child the bastard's curse. During the course of the meeting we learned that so many people were coming from as far away as Nairobi that many new home fellowships must be set up so that they don't have to travel so far for fellowship. We will visit 2 of these new fellowships in this area in the next few days. It appears that there is a move of the Spirit here that is far more advanced than I had seen it even 60 days ago when I was last here. There is a level of joy and expectation that I have never witnessed before. There is certainly a fear of the Lord upon us as we realize that this is His work and that there must be no fingerprint of the flesh upon it. Thanks for your prayers as we continue here.


Received today...

I continue to be astounded at some of the things the Lord is doing here in the ministry in Kenya. Onesmus told me that shortly after my Dec departure that a lady in Nairobi who was ill had a dream in which she was told to go to Machakos and find pastor Onesmus Mwanzia and that the fellowship would pray for her and she would be healed. She had had a curse put on her by witchcraft and her stomach as now very distended with fluid way beyond a term pregnancy. Her abdomen apparently was very, very distended. She came by bus to Machakos on a Sunday and began asking if folks knew where Onesmus was located. Once she found the fellowship, she entered into the worship. She came up at the end of the meeting and asked for healing prayer. Onesmus had the prayer and healing team to begin praying for her and in a few minutes she began to vomit up all the fluid in her abdomen. Out came volumes of fluid, Onesmus estimated perhaps as much as 15 liters. It was all over the floor and was filled with worms. They watched her stomach shrink like a balloon when it is deflated by letting out air. She is now healed. She lives in the slums of Nairobi but has a job. She owns several buildings in the slums of Nairobi. She has told Onesmus that they must have a fellowship in the slums of Nairobi and she will donate a building to meet in. She is already bringing 15 people with her to the fellowship in Machakos each Sunday and the people are coming because of her testimony. This appears to be the next fellowship to be established. It is too hard for the people in the slums of Nairobi to be expected to travel each week to Machakos. It appears that the Lord is expanding the work and using these miraculous healings to bring in the people. It is exciting to imagine what He may now do in the slums of Nairobi through this open door.

Onesmus also told me of a lady who is either a relative or in some way connected to a high up in the AIC church in Machakos. It is important to note that this church does not really believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit nor practice the healing of the sick. She came to the fellowship here in early Jan. She was blind. After 3 minutes of healing prayer, her eyes were opened and she now sees perfectly. This has also brought in many more to the fellowship based on the testimony....I was blind but now I see. There are so many being healed that the fellowship is expanding weekly with the new converts and those seeking healing and deliverance. I hope that this builds up your faith and I ask for your continued intercession as we seek to hear the Lord on the strategies for His people from here.


Thank you, Father, for setting the captives free! I stand in awe of You and give all praise and glory to Your Name!

More reports to come!

Blessings in Jesus!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We dropped Bob off at the airport in Buffalo yesterday and he should arrive in Kenya sometime this afternoon, our time. You may remember his trip from last year. It was incredible! He is again with our friend, Peb, and another guy from Texas (also named Bob). Peb has been three or four other times since they went last January/February. They will be ministering with Onesmus and Esther, whom we have come to love and think of as family.

Esther, especially, is someone whom I aspire to be like. She loves the Lord and hears from Him in such powerful ways! She is also used by Him on a daily basis to bring love and meet the physical needs of the orphans and others who come to her for help. And she is doing all of this while taking care of her own family!

Here she is...the one in blue...

You can check out the ministry website here. I highly recommend reading the reports section. God is moving and saving and healing!

Here is one of my favourite pictures from last year. Love these precious babies!

Please pray for Bob, Peb and the other Bob, that God would anoint them and continue to pour out His Spirit on them and through them. There will be hundreds of people to love and minister to on this trip. May they take the Living Water to each and every village and person they meet and may those people be forever changed! What a privilege!

Blessings in Jesus!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Event-full Weekend

So much going on this weekend!

**Opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics

We're hoping to make this fruit pizza to kick off the celebration and our month long unit study! I've also ordered this one for my older kids.

**Counting birds for The Great Backyard Bird Count

This amazing creature has been to visit us in the last few weeks (a Cooper's Hawk, maybe?), and while we are thrilled to see a magnificent bird of prey, we hope he does not scare away all of our other feathered friends!

**Valentine's Day

Lots of cute craft ideas here and here!

**Getting Bob ready for his trip

Plus, violin, dance, home church and maybe tobogganing. And I am praying against this cold that is trying to take over my head (and if this post is somewhat disjointed, I'm blaming it on the cold meds!).

I hope your weekend is great, whatever events you have planned!

And happy Chinese New Year, too!

Blessings in Jesus!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The World Race

These are our friends, Jon and Cinthia, who have just returned from teaching in South Korea. Jon joined Bob on one of his South East Asia trips a couple of years ago and Bob had the privilege of officiating their beautiful wedding two and a half years ago. We recently had a great visit with them, catching up and hanging out!

I wanted to let you know about the adventure that they are preparing for and for which you can contribute financially, if you feel led.

They will be going with Adventures in Missions to 11 countries in 11 months on The World Race! So far they know they are going to Dominican Republic, Turkey, Romania, Cambodia, Mozambique, Haiti and China. You can check out their blog here to find out more information. They need to raise $28,000 in all and I know they would appreciate your prayers, as well.

Jon and Cin, we are so excited for all that you will experience, all that God will do in your lives and the ways He will use you to minister in His Name! We love you guys!!!

Blessings in Jesus!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Fun

Instead of our normal Sunday night church time, we took advantage of having cable again and had a Super Bowl party instead!

We had the upstairs people...
We had the downstairs people (and Maya is not interested at all in football, so she decided to watch Veggie Tales on the computer in the midst of it all)...
Party food...
And check out the CUTE Superbowl cupcake that Janine is holding. Our own Steph (a.k.a. baker extraordinaire) made them!
Steph and Danny...
Games of another variety...
Happy Saints fans!

Eventually everyone ended up in the basement together! Fun times!

Blessings in Jesus!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Two More Years

So today we made a trip to the border at Niagara Falls to renew our immigration papers. We have applied for permanent residency in Canada, but until that is approved, we are still immigrants and have to re-apply every two or three years.

Thank the Father for His mercy and favor today! We were approved for two more years! And hopefully, we will have our perm residency approval before those two years are up.

Since we were in the area, we made a special day out of it.

The Niagara River...

A trip to the Rainforest Cafe...
We realized that the little girls had never been, so the boys took them under their wings to show them around and make sure they were not scared when the thunderstorm started. (Yes, proud moment!)

Chocolate time...

And even though I have a hard time with all the commercialism and neon in Niagara,
I NEVER tire of seeing this...

The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters. Psalm 29:3

And on a sad note, I just had a text from my Mom letting me know that my Grandma is not doing well and hospice has been called. :(

We have a big weekend coming owl prowl and a superbowl party, plus the usual orchestra lesson, dance class, etc.

Blessings in Jesus!