Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scenes From My Window

We're getting lots of beautiful snow...

(These were taken with the-not-so-great-camera, but you get the general idea.)


Quick Sophie Update

She's doing much better and they hope to move her to a regular room this morning! Thank you, Father, for Your healing touch on her little body. You alone are worthy of our praise!

Thanks for praying!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please pray for Sophie!

My friends, Bart and Shannon Millard, are in need of prayer right now. Their new baby, Sophie, has RSV and pneumonia. She is not getting better and was moved to ICU this morning. Please join us in praying for healing for baby Sophie, for strength and grace and the Father's perspective for Bart and Shannon, and that they would bring the light of Jesus to other families in that hospital.

I'll update when I know more.

Thank you.
(And yes, this is the Bart of MercyMe.)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kingdom Rich

Here is an update that went out to our fellowship today from Bob...

Wow...we have a day off in Meru, Kenya and have been in some amazing meetings with different fellowships. God is pouring out His spirit in dreams and visions to the earthly poor but Kingdom rich in poor towns, the lush, refreshing mountains where tea is grown and in the really...remote bush. Our friend has walked the path 6 hours before into the bush to deliver Bibles to this amazing group who were too poor to have one.We've seen folks saved, healed [including progressive healing of the blind, heart problems, headaches, etc.], and delivered from demons.

We've been casting the vision of the Kingdom and the Lord raising up His people all over the globe. In one village 2 people had received dreams and visions about 3 Mizungus [white people] coming to their fellowship in the bush...this is before they knew we were coming. God is raising up intercessors to pray the Kingdom into the earth...beautiful.

We hiked about 1 hour yesterday in the bush in 35+ heat, down a dirt path to baptize 30 or so new brothers and sisters in the refreshing river. The whole way our beautiful Kenyan brothers and sisters were singing loudly in their amazing and powerful Kenyan tone, beating their drums and praising the Lord! What a sight and privilege. That fellowship sent us off with some gifts...including a live chicken for me for doing the baptisms...I was in tears and grateful for the privilege.

Day off and safari today...birds, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, cheetahs, ostriches, LIONS, hippo with baby, crocodile, impala, gazelle and cool.

Thank you guys for wrestling with us in prayer and for loving our family while I'm away.

His Kingdom is mighty.

And loved we are...friends are bringing meals to help me out, taking my children or watching them here so that I can have a little time to myself, calling, emailing and praying. Yes, we are loved. And we are thrilled to have this latest communication from Bob. God is moving and lives are being transformed from darkness to LIGHT! Praise His Name!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching up...

The past few days have been a little tough...missing Bob and just trying to get things done. When I'm overwhelmed, I tend to shut down, which is really not a good idea when there is no other grown-up present to take up the slack. So, I've spent some extra time with the Father and He has me back on the right track. He is showing me His faithfulness and that He is just RIGHT HERE with me, waiting for me to whisper my cries of 'Help' to Him. I am so thankful for His Word...

Psalm 28:7 The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.

Psalm 54:4 Surely God is my help; the Lord is the One who sustains me.

Psalm 79:9 Help us, O God our Savior, for the glory of Your Name; deliver us and forgive our sins for Your Name's sake.

Psalm 36:5 Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the skies.

Psalm 89:8 O LORD God Almighty, who is like You? You are mighty, O LORD, and Your faithfulness surrounds You.

Psalm 115:1 Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to Your name be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23 Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.

I think it was hard on us not to hear from Bob for a few days, as well. But we were getting a couple of updates from Peb's wife, Lori, after she received a text message or two. The team has been out in the bush (no computers to be found) and it was described as 'stunning' as well as an 'only God could have arranged this' experience! Can't wait to hear more about that one! The children and I went to our fellowship this morning, something I haven't done in quite awhile due to illnesses or spiritual oppression, so it was a glorious morning! As Emma said on the way home 'I feel refreshed, energized and encouraged'! Thank you, Father, for my church family.

When we returned home, I was suprised to have another message from Lori, as well as two short messages from Bob on Facebook. They are out of the bush and back to one of the bigger villages. Here is Bob's quick message...beautiful in the bush...literally, lots of dreams and visions, baptized 25 or 30 today after an hour walk in 32+ temp one way to the river and back...hard walk but privilege to baptize. amazing fellowship. 2 people had received visions/dreams about 3 white men coming before they knew about it. folks healed.too much to write now.

They are going on a safari tomorrow and then I hope to chat with him online and get a few more details of what God has been doing! Oh, God did give me an amazing vision on Friday morning...a tribe or village of people were dancing and singing and shouting praise to God for His gracious gift of healing and revival. Wow. I didn't know if I was seeing a "live shot" of what was actually happening in Kenya at that very moment or if it was what I was to pray towards (so I've been praying). I shared the vision with Bob in a message on Friday and his response today was: your vision probably the kibunga fellowship this am!! more later. Again, cannot wait to hear more!

I have more to share about what we've been up to here, but I'll save it for later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mount Kenya

I don't have any pictures from Bob yet, but I found this one and wanted to show where he is right now. Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa. The pictures I found on-line were incredibly diverse. In a message I received today, Bob said it is much more lush and green than the village he was in previously. It sounds like it has been a place of refreshment, physically and spiritually, for them. There apparently is not as much witchcraft in the village he is in now. He wrote 'stunning scenery and even more beautiful people'. I am thankful that God is connecting him (us) with brothers and sisters in Kenya...what a joy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Messages from Bob

I've received a couple of messages from my man and was even able to chat with him on FB today (almost as good as a phone call)! Here are several portions from his messages...

*the lady who was demonized on sunday was sent to the meeting by a demon. she made a bit of a show during the invitation/ministry time. we decided not to minister to her then. some folks did afterwards and she came to Christ and was delivered of stuff...amazing. mark had a dream about it the night before.

*several other people came to Christ, we believe, after the meeting on sunday. lots of dreams and visions the people are receiving. i've spoken a couple of times as well as peb. what a privilege.

*oh...i was hit in the rear end by a demonic cow and almost thrown in to a thorn bush...i seriously almost rebuked the cow. no damage done...kinda funny now

Feel free to laugh out loud at that last part! :-)

There has also been some sickness on his team, due directly to witchcraft. Everyone is healed now, though, praise Jesus!!!

He also said that it was ironic to be watching the inauguration of now-President Barack Obama while sitting in a packed-out restaurant in Kenya. Pretty cool (thinking of Obama's heritage).

And here on the home is cold but sunny! I took the younger four to the dollar store while Emma was in her violin class. It was crazy! The little girls picked out princess crowns and stickers. The boys picked out cowboy rifles and knight swords. :) Then I took them to the toy store a few doors down (I must have lost my mind!!!!). I had to laugh, though, because this is Maya's reaction when she walked in the front door of the toy store: It's SO beautiful! I realized I have probably never taken her there before, so I guess a little stress is worth her adorable enthusiasm.

Austin and I also met friends at the tobogganing hill down the street for a short time. It was nice to feel the sunshine on our faces, in spite of the cold. Tonight we are staying in, having a nice comforting supper and probably watching a movie.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Four More Weeks

I took Ben to the hand specialist today for a re-check of his broken hand. The doctor was pleased with the range of mobility and said to "rest" that hand for one more month and then consider it healed. I am trying to be positive and upbeat about it, because, frankly, Benji has had a better attitude about it than I have! He's not complained or whined, even when the splint was on, and he has really handled it so maturely for a very, very active 6 y/o boy! He did hope to go to his basketball class tonight and showed a little sadness when I reminded him what the doctor said this morning (no basketball, hockey, tobogganing, etc.).

I realized today that we didn't specifically take any "Ben-broke-his-hand-let's-mark-this-event-with-a-picture" photo, but here are a couple that were taken when he did have the splint on a week or two ago...

And an update on Bob...I heard from him yesterday and they had spoken at a couple of meetings and had seen God change lives! He also mentioned that they had met with the 40 orphans and the people who have been caring for them. His comment 'beautiful people' just makes me want to hop on a plane and get to Kenya right this minute! But, I'll be patient and wait for pictures and stories later. I'm sure I'll post a few here when he gets home. In the meantime, please continue to pray for the team. There has been some sickness and spiritual opposition. God is bigger and is going to have the victory! I am believing Him and trusting Him for wonderful and amazing adventures for Bob and the others!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

...the unsearchable riches of Christ...

I've been camping out in Ephesians lately and have taken a little pause at chapter 3, verse 8. I've read this verse many times and I guess in the back of my mind I've always thought *oh, the riches of Christ, how wonderful*, but that's about the extent of my ponderings. This time, though, it was like I could not move on to verse 9. I needed to park myself on this phrase and find out more. So I've been looking up the verse/phrase in lots of other translations, because a) I love to do that and b) it always give me a bigger and deeper picture of what the Scripture is saying. So here are some other ways of looking at it...

MSG: inexhaustible riches and generosity of Christ

AMP: unending (boundless, fathomless, incalculable, and exhaustless) riches of Christ

NLT: endless treasures available to them in Christ

CEV: blessings that cannot be measured

NAS: unfathomable riches of Christ

WOW! So I'm meditating on this verse, the various ways of saying it and what Paul meant when he wrote it. I know I have been blessed in Christ. I am aware of this on a daily basis, but to really think about His generosity and that it is exhaustless (great word!) is something I want to spend some time on. So that is what's on my heart right now. :)

On another note, we're doing fine here without Bob, although it goes without saying that we miss him like crazy! Last night was another wild night with two little loves not sleeping and joining me in my bed in the one o'clock hour within about fifteen minutes of each other. Have I ever mentioned that we need a king size bed!!! Funny to think about a king size bed in our small bedroom. Maybe we'll just get rid of the other furniture to make some space. lol

According the the airline website, the team made it to Nairobi, so we are praying for peaceful sleep and rest for them and a great first day in country!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting ready for Kenya

Tomorrow is the day Bob leaves on his ministry trip to Kenya with our friend, Peb, and one other guy (Mark). They will be flying to Nairobi, then traveling on to two villages to share Christ, teach, and be ministers of healing and deliverance for those who are afflicted with illness and darkness. In one village, alone, there are apparently 300 people waiting for healing. Wow. Can't WAIT to see how God moves and pours out His LOVE and POWER there. They will also be assessing the needs of and ministering to at least 40 orphans (all HIV related)! Don't you know how much I long to get to go and love on those precious ones...maybe next time. We are praying for a fresh anointing on Peb, Mark and Bob (and also the local pastor and his wife) as they bring good news to these who are desperately seeking the Light. Praise God!

We have been experiencing increased attack from the enemy, but we are focused on Jesus, our Life and our Peace. We worship and adore you, Jesus, and will keep our eyes on You.

Today we are doing school, cleaning a bit, meeting friends at the Y for playtime, and enjoying these last moments with Bob before he leaves. He is an amazing father and an incredible husband and my best friend and this Royce crew will miss his godly presence like crazy while he is away.

Thanks for your prayers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Giving In

Well, I have been following friends' blogs for awhile now but never thought I should start one (or had the time, kwim?)...but here it first attempt to write down a few ramblings from my almost 40 year old brain. I hope you will be encouraged as I share some of this adventure that I'm living every day.

Thanks for coming along for the ride...