Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Messages from Bob

I've received a couple of messages from my man and was even able to chat with him on FB today (almost as good as a phone call)! Here are several portions from his messages...

*the lady who was demonized on sunday was sent to the meeting by a demon. she made a bit of a show during the invitation/ministry time. we decided not to minister to her then. some folks did afterwards and she came to Christ and was delivered of stuff...amazing. mark had a dream about it the night before.

*several other people came to Christ, we believe, after the meeting on sunday. lots of dreams and visions the people are receiving. i've spoken a couple of times as well as peb. what a privilege.

*oh...i was hit in the rear end by a demonic cow and almost thrown in to a thorn bush...i seriously almost rebuked the cow. no damage done...kinda funny now

Feel free to laugh out loud at that last part! :-)

There has also been some sickness on his team, due directly to witchcraft. Everyone is healed now, though, praise Jesus!!!

He also said that it was ironic to be watching the inauguration of now-President Barack Obama while sitting in a packed-out restaurant in Kenya. Pretty cool (thinking of Obama's heritage).

And here on the home front...it is cold but sunny! I took the younger four to the dollar store while Emma was in her violin class. It was crazy! The little girls picked out princess crowns and stickers. The boys picked out cowboy rifles and knight swords. :) Then I took them to the toy store a few doors down (I must have lost my mind!!!!). I had to laugh, though, because this is Maya's reaction when she walked in the front door of the toy store: It's SO beautiful! I realized I have probably never taken her there before, so I guess a little stress is worth her adorable enthusiasm.

Austin and I also met friends at the tobogganing hill down the street for a short time. It was nice to feel the sunshine on our faces, in spite of the cold. Tonight we are staying in, having a nice comforting supper and probably watching a movie.


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