Sunday, February 8, 2009


Here are some highlight's from Bob's trip to Kenya...

Pastor Onesmus, his wife Esther and their children, Chris, Irene and Stanley
Machakos fellowship



Caregiver and orphan

Caregivers and orphans requesting help

Maua's Pastor Joel and family

Maua fellowship's meeting place

Kibunga fellowship

Kibunga fellowship

Kibunga baptisms!

Safari pics

(Look closely...lions!)

God worked in beautiful and amazing ways on this trip! Bob considers it a joy and a privilege to have been in the country of Kenya and to now be connected with brothers and sisters in Christ on that vast continent. They saw people give their lives to Christ, people healed of physical infirmities and some delivered from demons! PRAISE JESUS!!! Bob learned from those beautiful people and now holds them in his heart. I have learned so much, as well, even from a distance. God is working in my heart to use their testimony and great faith to sharpen and challenge my own. Some of them are prayer warriors in the truest sense and spend hours and hours in prayer and fasting and wrestling for God's will and glory. They have faced so much spiritual warfare and are strong in the Spirit. I have been pondering everything that Bob has shared with me and pray that God continues to use his stories of these new friends to draw me closer to Jesus.


  1. Fabulous photos of such a special trip! I loved the baptism one. :) Glad Bob is home and you are all feeling better, Scarlett.

    Much love~

  2. Beautiful pictures - and I loved hearing the effects it is having on your heart!