Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Break Re-Cap

March break...where'd it go???

It was a great week but, of course, too short. We did some MAJOR cleaning out/de-cluttering around here and it feels great. Seriously. I want to live in my cleaned out closet, that's how happy I am. Bob took a HUGE load of perfectly good cleaned out stuff to the mission and a small load of not so good stuff to the city dump. I also did a big organization of school materials/books/supplies because I have jumped on the workbox bandwagon. I'm not usually a bandwagon-jumper-on-er...but this one is worth it and is making a difference in our home school! More about that in the next post.

Also during March break, we took the children to a local maple syrup festival and bird sanctuary. It was both yummy and educational!

We met some good friends for a walk at the lake...

And just had some nice family time and celebrated beautiful signs of spring!

It was a nice break and now we are back at it.

Happy Spring!!!


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  1. Very cool! From the cleaning out to the taking in of spring! Great photos, Scarlett. They bring a smile to my face. :)