Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catching Up...

So, with getting ready for our North Carolina trip, having more sickness, and then getting things unpacked and in order after the trip, I'm behind.

Actually, that's nothing new.

Anyway, here are pics from the younger three children dyeing Easter eggs. The little girls did not remember doing this last year, so it was very exciting for them. And Ben always enjoys being creative, so he had a great time thinking of designs and colours.


Coming and stories from our trip. It was hard with sickness and spiritual attack but also had some amazing moments while we were actually in Asheville. We were reminded over and over that God is faithful!



  1. Lovely eggs, and even lovelier smiles. :)

  2. Bob and Scarlett:

    Your family is so beautiful. You are blessed to have so many precious and I am sure sweet-spirited kids. I am glad you are so happy.

    Hope your travels are going well if you are not back already. I am in the last two weeks of crunch time for our National Sales Meeting-planning for 500 people has been an amazing yet crazy experience. God has taught me so much about negotiation, handling stress, especially in others, and being graceful to others. Love you, Missy