Sunday, May 24, 2009

Remembering Dad

This is my wonderful dad.

Bob and I had a great coffee time this morning, remembering my dad and reminiscing about him. Today marks the 19th year of his death. He had a cancerous brain tumour and fought it bravely for a year.

I have about 5 million things about dad bouncing around in my brain this morning...memories, qualities about him, conversations with him or about him, things I want my children to know about him (even though they never knew him, they all love their Papa Bob)...I'll try to get a few of them written here.

Dad was a follower of Jesus and church pastor was his profession. He was a sinner, just like the rest of us, but he did leave a beautiful godly legacy for his children and grandchildren. He loved God, the Word, and people.

He had a great fear of the Lord (in the awe-struck, *otherness* of God, I am small and God is huge way) and taught that important belief and practice to those of us he influenced. His doctoral thesis was even on the subject of fearing God.

He loved studying and teaching and explaining the Bible. I remember calling him several times when I was in university and trying to grasp a verse or concept I had read in the Word. He would delight in my call and in taking the time to walk me through the verse until I grasped the meaning of it. Bob often tells people that dad's love of the Word is where my love of the Word comes from.

He was a big hugger and gave the best bear hugs of anyone I know. I attribute my love of affection and hugs to him. I cannot tell you how many people have told me since dad's death that they could be talking to him in the hallway at church with lots of other people milling around or walking by but dad's focus was on them and only them and that he made them feel like they were the only person on the planet at that moment. I've learned the importance of really listening and giving my full attention to someone when they are talking to me (not that I have it down or never get distracted, but I recognize the importance and know it is sometimes a lost art in our busy society).

There are so many other things I could mention. I'll just share one more memory. I'm turning 40 soon and this is one sweet memory that I've carried with me since I was very young, probably two or three years old. My dad would sit in our old brown rocking chair, hold me in his lap and sing God Is So Good to me over and over. It's a precious song and one that each of my children knows and loves to sing now, too. One of dad's favourite things to say to people, even at the end of his life was *God is good!*

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving me a wonderful man to be my earthly father. A man who knew You intimately and loved You and wanted everyone around him to know and love You. A man who knew the importance of relationships and was passionate about people. A man whom You used in beautiful ways to share Your love and shine the light of Jesus. Thank You for dad's example to me and to our family. May we continue to remember the godly legacy he left and may we continue moving forward making Your name and ways known for Your glory and praise.

You are good!



  1. Scarlett, Your tribute to your father brought tears to my eyes. I love the picture you chose. It's exactly the memory I have of him. And his hugs....yes, they were big and warm and always made you feel special. He was a wonderful man and I'm confident that if he were still on earth, he would be so celebrating the woman you have become and the Godly family you and Bob are raising.

  2. Scarlett -
    I love reading what all you wrote about your Dad. I have to tell you - his death was so hard on me, almost as much as my own father's death in 1981. While he was your Dad, and I know what it is like to lose a Dad, he was my mentor, and I learned sooo very much from him. I tell your Mom that often - have written her several times over the years to tell her that. I read what Kendra wrote on your facebook, and she is correct, I use quotes from your Dad pretty much on a daily basis in counseling and in teaching - I refer to them now as "Hamiltonisms" and laugh thinking what he would say to that...hehe. It just does not seem possible for it to be 19 years! Hope you got through the day ok - I have found that some years since losing my Dad are harder than others - and don't know a reason for that, just a fact that is tends to be that way...

    I also loved hugging your Dad - he would often tell me that he felt "completely hugged" when I did hug him, cuz I was so much bigger than he was! It was always pretty funny...

    We love you guys and pray for you often.

  3. Thanks, Jeannie and Mo! I know both of you were special to Dad in your own ways. And I love the *completely hugged* comment, Morris...never heard that one before but it's so fitting! :)
    Love to both of you.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your father, Scarlett. I know you must miss him so much. Rejoicing with you in knowing he is experiencing his eternal reward with Jesus. God bless you, sweet friend.