Sunday, July 12, 2009

Celebrating God in Nature

We spent a couple of hours at one of our favourite hiking trails today. We love going to feed the birds and chipmunks. The weather was perfect...24 degrees Celsius! Usually we get Chickadees and Downy Woodpeckers to eat out of our hands, but we also get to see God's creativity in His Cardinals, Blue Jays, Eastern Bluebirds, American Goldfinches, Gray Catbirds, White-Breasted Nuthatches, Canada Geese and others, not to mention the gorgeous gardens.


1 comment:

  1. When did Bob's hair get so grey?! :P

    Gorgeous pictures. I love how all the kids have such big smiles! I remember trying to coax chipmunks to eat from my hand long ago when I was young. I love it when they try to fit that last little bit into their mouth that won't quite fit, and their cheeks are all chubby!