Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Early Birthday Fun!

Emma and I had the incredible opportunity to go to Toronto for a couple of days to celebrate her 13th birthday, about a month early. God blessed us so much!

First of all, I found an insane price on our hotel through hotwire. Then I discovered that the musical we wanted to see was a little less expensive on Thursday evenings. Plus we were able take the GO train into Toronto and then take the subway to our hotel.

Emma really wanted to see some of the things that I enjoy about Toronto, so in addition to the musical, we went to St. Lawrence Market, ate yummy food, walked around downtown, shopped and hung out in our very lovely hotel.

We saw this musical and if you ever have the chance to go, we highly recommend it (sorry there aren't any pics from that night). Emma even enjoyed it better than the movie, which is one of her top five favs of all time!

It was a great girls' time away and a special two days of celebrating Miss Almost 13!


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  1. looks like such a fun time

    the ethiopian food looks soooo good!