Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maple Glen Academy

I realized recently that I do not blog much about our school days. In the last year, I have finally given a name to our home school...Maple Glen Academy. It's perfect!

I did mention back in the spring about the workbox idea (envelopes for us). I tried it for a few weeks, but honestly, it just was not for our family. There is nothing wrong with it and I am happy for all my friends who have made it work. I just realized that I enjoy a certain rhythm in our school routine, and the envelopes/workboxes did not fit our rhythm. Plus, every day it looked like a post office had exploded on the main floor of our house. LOL!

I have also mentioned Five In A Row from time to time. It is my all-time favourite curriculum and I plan to use it with all my children. Emma has gone through all the levels and has such fond memories of each stage. Ava is now enjoying Before Five in a Row, Ben is in Five in a Row Volumes 1-3 and Austin has moved on to Beyond Five in A Row!

I do plan to share a little of our schooling from time to time and will start with Ben. Here are some examples of what he's been doing the past little bit.

The Story About Ping is the very first book in Volume 1, and I will say that it brings a smile to my face just to see this book on our FIAR bookshelf because it was the first book that I *rowed* with Emma when she started home schooling in grade 1. Here we are, still loving learning and the lessons that Jane Claire Lambert has created, eight years later.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World is another favourite around here. What a fun book! We *row* it every year, no matter if we have someone in this stage of FIAR or not. We always make a trip to the apple farm and make at least one apple pie. The recipe in the back of this book is scrumptious!

We also made apple print stamps...

We made note cards out of a couple of them...

And after going to the apple orchard last week, Emma (our resident baker) made a couple of mouth-watering apple pies, one for that night and one for the freezer to enjoy in the winter (hopefully we can hold out that long)...

We are still rowing this book, but this gives a little *taste* of the fun and learning that is taking place around here right now!

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