Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday's News!

We just arrived back from Kibunga. It rained in Meru and most of the way to Kibunga last night. Bob G had prayed for the rain according to the vision he received from God before coming. It has rained much. This is a prophetic picture for what the Lord intends to do here. The rain is out of season for now....all agree that this is miraculous. It stopped just short of Kibunga, but interestingly a widow lady who is building a house in Kibunga saw the rain coming and prayed against it as her roof is not on yet and the rain split in two and went around. So even in this we give the Lord praise and we watch what He is doing. In the time in Kibunga, we saw a deaf boy healed as the prayer team surrounded him and prayed and then a little girl with eye pain and obvious infection was healed of pain and the eye began clearing. So we praise Him for this today. We go to Ithitwe tomorrow. There is always a freedom there for the word of God and we expect that this time as well. Thanks for praying.

And I just saw Bob's FB status update exclaiming the great news about the little boy who was deaf and can now hear! Crying happy, rejoicing tears!

Blessings in Jesus!


  1. Scarlett, I was unaware that Bob was in Kenya! Not enough time online, I tell ya!

    It's wonderful to read the reports of God's awesome power at work. Will be praying for the remainder of Bob's trip, and for you and your kiddos while he is away. One day you will go with him, working arm in arm. :)

    Love you, sweet Scarlett~

  2. Sorry for not letting you know, Missy! And your arm in arm comment totally made me smile. That's my dream, in God's time! Love you, too!