Thursday, September 16, 2010

Benji Day!

Our Benjamin turned eight today!

He was such a great sport with all the flexibility and change of birthday party plans due to a)the weather and 2)his dad's broken ankle. Not to mention the little sisters who were sick. No fishing (plan A). No swimming at the Y (plan B).

So, we quickly came up with plan C: having his party here at the house with his two good friends, Matthew and Zachary. Chef Emma made Mia's Chocolate Sheet Cake, which is always a big hit. Yum.

It was a good day.

We love you, Benji-man and are so thankful for you and for the life and energy you bring to our family!

Please continue to pray for Bob. He can't do anything. I think I need to rent some war movies or something for him. We have an appointment with the fracture clinic on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I took the little girls to the doctor today. Ava has been coughing on and off for six weeks. We took her in once already and were told it was allergies and to treat with Benadryl at night. In the past few days, though, the coughing has come back and not only coughing but also a snotty nose and fever. She and Maya were both coughing non-stop today, so we went in late this afternoon. Ava is on an antibiotic and an inhaler. Maya is just on an inhaler for now. The doctor suspects Ava to have asthma and will do some more testing once she is feeling better. Please keep praying.

Needless to say, I am past ready for bed. 'Night.


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