Friday, September 24, 2010

News from Kenya

Our friend, Peb, is back in Kenya and has been sending some incredible updates on what the Father is doing there. The Holy Spirit is moving in incredible ways and peoples' lives are being changed, some quite dramatically.

Here is one update on their time with the orphan caregivers ("grandmothers")...

Just a quick note concerning Monday afternoon. We did distribute food to the orphan grandmothers. As always it is a humbling experience to see these women. At least one who looked to be in her late 70’s had walked 20 km which would take up to 4 hours was there. They all then loaded the food upon their backs much like a pack animal would be loaded down and began the long trek home. I estimate that many were carrying up to 40-50lbs of food on their backs. Most required help just hoisting the sacks of grain and rice onto their backs. But they were smiling and were grateful. Most must walk at least 1-2 hours but some up to 3 hours home and most must walk uphill on narrow and uneven paths. Those of you who have been here can easily understand what I am describing. So thanks for your help and prayers. God continually reminds me that He wants us to understand as Americans that He is granting us a privilege to be a part of this, as this is His heart. It is not so much that we are helping them, but that He is allowing us to participate in His heart.

To read more of the reports, go to East Africa Zarephath Ministries and click on reports.

I am going to share another message from Peb in my next post.


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