Sunday, September 26, 2010


I realized that I never came back with an update on Bob's ankle or Ava's illness. So sorry!

Bob went to the fracture clinic and the doc said there is a piece broken from the left side of his ankle, as well as a torn ligament. He will wear an Aircast for three weeks and then have it re-xrayed. He can already tell that it is healing, so praise God and thank you for your prayers!

I took Ava to a respiratory specialist this week for some testing and it is likely that Ava does have asthma. We will continue with the same treatment and go back in one month. The good news is that there has been NO coughing for the last four nights!!!! Thank you, Father!!!

This week we also participated in a local fall fair. The children entered several paintings and Lego creations and won a few prizes (no pics of the winning entries, sorry). We had a great time at the fair with sweet friends. It was a very windy and warm day.


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