Thursday, October 7, 2010

Perfect Gifts

I have been intending to write this post for a couple of weeks now. A friend of ours offered some of her daughter's "no longer needed" clothing for Emma to go through, as well as coats for both Emma and for me! We already had the coats from one evening that we spent in our friend's home, but she had forgotten about offering the bags of clothes to go through until a week or two later. So one afternoon, we dropped by her house to pick up two large garbage bags of clothing.

But let me take a minute to back up and interject a side story.

Emma and I had gone shopping before we knew about this offer of clothing. Emma had a bit of birthday money to spend and needed some new clothes. While we were at the mall, Emma found a messenger bag that she really liked and wanted to buy. Unfortunately, the cost of the bag was too extravagant. It would've taken all of her birthday money and Emma knew she needed a few new additions to her wardrobe instead. So she hung the bag back on the rack and decided to save up for it.

Fast forward to that Tuesday afternoon when we went to pick up the clothing. I walked on to the porch and saw these bags full of new-to-us clothes, grabbed the first bag and started back to load it into our Durango. As I was walking away, I caught a glimpse of something in between the two garbage bags. I thought "Is that what I think it is?" on the way to our vehicle. When I went back for the second load, sure enough, there it was, just as I thought. I grabbed the surprise item and handed it through my driver's side door to Emma, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. I smiled as I heard her exclaim "No way!!!!"

This is what we were so happy over...

A messenger bag, and brown, which is just the colour Emma wished for. We were praising and thanking the Father the whole drive home! What a loving and good Father we have. He knew Emma's desire for a bag and provided one for her! What a precious and personal gift!

And here are our beautiful coats...

We also have several new items of clothing, which have been such nice additions to our closets at this time. (Sorry I didnt' have time to photograph all of them.) Thank you, Joyce and Trisha, for sharing these gifts with us!

And His good and perfect gifts just keep arriving, this time tucked in between our two front doors and just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving!

Thank you, sweet anonymous friend, for such generous and perfect gifts!

And thank you, Father, again and again and again! You know and You provide. What love!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17


  1. super encouraging!! thanks for sharing!!
    Love you guys!

  2. Praise God! What a beautiful moment and gift. Thanks for sharing Scarlett. And Happy Thanksgiving! ;-)