Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prayer Letter

Dear Friends,

I want to ask for prayer for an outreach tonight on the McMaster campus from my good friend, Chris Kovac, with the Navigators ministry. Here are the details from Chris:

On Tuesday night we are hosting an event entitled "Do All/Any Religions Lead to God?" The conclusion of the presentation will be that religion is not
sufficient to get you to God. A gospel presentation will follow. We posted
75 posters on campus, handed out 4000 personal invitations, and launched a Facebook invitation. Could you take a few moments before 7 p.m. on Tuesday to pray for this event? We would appreciate prayer for the speaker (Ragnar Oborn). Prayer that the Spirit of God would be present in a powerful way moving in the hearts and minds of those in attendance. Pray for me [Chris] as I am presenting the Gospel at the end of the presentation. Ask that I would speak with boldness and power. Most importantly, pray that Jesus Christ would be glorified in all that is said and done.

Also, I wanted to give an update from a recent outreach in Machakos, Kenya, where our friends, Onesmus and Esther, serve. This came in today from
Onesmus via Peb Smith, who directs East Africa Zarephath Ministry.

Dear Brother Perry Smith,

We thank you so much together with the people for the prayers you prayed for us because of the Open Air Crusade that we had at Katebe Market within
Machakos area which started on Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd October, 2010. The Crusade was successful and the Holy Spirit of God Manifested and took charge of the meeting and many people got saved, healed and delivered from the Powers of darkness, witchcraft and unbelief.

On Friday 1st, the first day of the Open Air Crusade, the Lord brought a lot
of people to the meeting and 86 lost souls surrendered their lives to Christ
and among them was a witch who had be-witched many people in the area.

On the second day, Saturday 2nd, the Holy Spirit of God moved in a Mighty
way in the meeting whereby, 62 people got saved and filled by the Power of
the Holy Spirit. Before the meeting ended at 8pm East African Time, I made
an altar call for those who needed to be saved. 36 people came forward to be
prayed for Salvation, Healing and Deliverance and among them, there was a
woman who had a spirit of both witchdoctor and witchcraft and she has made people to fear her for 9 years. When she came forward, the Holy Spirit
revealed to me that, she has a spirit of witchcraft and that I should not
pray for her before she repents. When I asked her to get saved, she refused
and threw to me things which the Lord confirmed to me that it was
witchcraft. Then I told her to repent or she dies. When she refused, the
evil spirits which she had threw to me and to bring confusion in the
meeting, we returned them back to her and the same day at 11:30pm, she died. When we went back to the Open Air Crusade on Sunday at 4pm, her relatives and the villagers informed us that, the witch woman had died the previous night. This is a Miracle which God revealed to us without any respect of man.

On that Sunday of 3rd which was the last day of our Crusade, people attended in large numbers whereby, 145 people gave their lives to Christ Jesus. Many of them were testifying that, that they were afraid of the witch woman who has been scaring them for a long time.

As you know Brother Perry, in the City of Samaria, when Simon the Wizard
refused to repent and get Saved, he brought Money to Peter so that he may be prayed for and be laid hands on so he may receive the Power of the Holy
Spirit, thinking that the Spirit of God is received by exchange of Money.
But Peter looked at him and told him (Simon the wizard) that, you and your
Money perish.

The Witch Woman had come to me to lay my hands on her so that she may
receive the power of the Holy Spirit without repentance and Salvation. When I rebuked her, the evil spirit which was in her reacted and killed her. So on that Sunday 3rd, we got a breakthrough and many people who had been fearing her got saved.

We know this kind of miracle is not possible without prayer and fasting and
making an agreement with God so that, whatever we do for His Glory may

All those who got saved at that Open Air Crusade, we will meet with them on
Wednesday 6th and 8th this week so that, we may pray for them for Healing,
Deliverance and Restoration and later, they be put in Discipleship and the
Teachings. We shall make proper arrangements so that, when you come in
January next year you may baptize them and also meet with them for

Please, pray for us again because we shall be having another Open Air
Crusade at Kathemboni Market within Machakos Town on Friday 15th to 17th October, 2010. We believe on that day, God will touch many lives of people and gave their lives to Christ Jesus.

Thank you for interceding for the outreach tonight here in Hamilton and for
celebrating with us how Jesus is building His kingdom in Kenya. I say this
a lot, but it is a real privilege to be involved in Kingdom work here in
Hamilton, in Machakos, and wherever else around the world the Lord invites us to be involved. Thanks again for your partnership with us!


Bob and Scarlett Royce

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