Sunday, December 12, 2010

Babies, Birthdays and Ballet

This is a quick catch-up post featuring a few things that have taken place in the last two weeks.

This is my precious friend, Karen. She came over last week to hang out and to tell us her wonderful news that SHE IS PREGNANT!!!! We are thrilled for Karen and David and cannot wait to meet their precious bundle of joy in the early summer.

We celebrated Bob's birthday at a new-to-us restaurant last week...

Check out their take-out packaging...

We love the birthday man!
I had the fun privilege of taking the little girls to a beautiful production of The Nutcracker this week. Discount tickets were offered to home school families, and not only that, but when we arrived I was shocked to learned that our tickets were for the second row!

Ava's ballet studio had an open house this week and we were able to go and watch her class in action!

Here she is with Miss Vanessa...

Blessings in Jesus!

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  1. love this post!!!
    I hope the girls get to be part of Nutcracker next year!
    What restaurant was that anyway?
    Hope you are enjoying Texas!