Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prayers for Kenya

I'm sorry I have not even been on here in the past few days to say Happy December! It's been colder here and we have had snow flurries almost every day but no significant accumulation yet. We are doing very well, other than a cold I have been battling. I have several things to share, but this came in today from Peb (a.k.a. Perry) and I wanted to pass it on right away so that you can join us in praying.

This is an update concerning some of the recent events in the Kenya work in Machakos. There have been two tragic deaths of women who because of their faith have been rejected by their husbands and in one case severely beaten because of this. This is not an unusual story there. Witchcraft is real and the enemy exploits every situation to bring as much destruction and confusion as possible. In all warfare there are casualties. This war is no exception. However you will remember what the Lord tells us in Rev 12:11 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death." I am reminded of these words as I think on the price paid by these two ladies because of their faith.

I send you these accounts so that you can be in intercession for these families and now orphans and also so that you can be in intercession for the fellowship there in Machakos so that their faith does not fail and they can indeed overcome in the midst of great difficulty. When we as His disciples begin to move to bring the Kingdom of Light, the domain of darkness does strike back. However, Greater is He who is in us than He who is in the world. So I just ask you to stand in the gap for this fellowship and for these families who are paying a high price for their faith.

I ask you to disregard the need for money in these letters. This has already been met. It is an African tradition for the fellowship to cover funeral expenses. This seems strange to us in the West, but as I meditated on that this morning, I realized that this is the way that the Lord meant us to operate....as a family. In Africa, they need one another more and they take care of each other better than we do. It is closer to the concept of having all things in common. This is something that we have not grasped. So I ask you to pray for these situations.


Dear Brother Perry Smith,

I regret to inform you that, one of our ushers in the fellowship passed away at Machakos General Hospital on Thursday 2nd this week at 5:30pm. Her name is Jane and we believe you know her. She was one of those we have been using to pray for the people in the fellowship during our week days deliverance and healing services. This attack came after we finished our open air crusade at Mwanyani market within Machakos area last Month. When we went there, many people got saved and the witchdoctors and witchcraft reacted against me and my family whereby, they send to me their witchcraft in the form of snakes which I saw in my dream and because, of that I was in prayer and fasting, I rebuked them and covered my family, the Fellowship and you with Blood of Christ Jesus.

So Brother Perry, pray for us during this time as we are preparing for the burial which will be next week at Mwingi South District about 220 Kms from Machakos Town. We would require a coffin, a vehicle to take us to the place and to pay mortuary charges. Jane was left by her husband and was living with her 3 Children. So, pray for us so that we may get enough money to take care of all these expenses.

Dear Brother Perry,

We have another woman from our fellowship who passed away last week on Sunday 5th at the hospital in Machakos town. The Death of this Lady occurred when she was been treated by the doctors in the hospital. She had been seriously beaten by her husband and 4 ribs on her left hand were broken. She had internal bleeding and after 2 days she died. Her name is Florence, we believe that, you know her because you baptized her last time you were in Machakos.

Brother Perry, Continue praying for us because of these situation so that,we can overcome and have victory. All these deaths would require amount of Money to meet the burial expenses of each body to their rural home. These 2 ladies had been chased away from their home by their husbands because of believing in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

According to your previous email concerning the cost of the burial,we would require Ksh: 52,500 to meet the burial expenses for the 2 bodies. The Money will be needed to purchase 2 coffins, mortuary expenses, vehicles to take each of the bodies to their different rural homes.

Jane has left behind 3 Orphans who do not have somebody to take care of them. Florence has left behind 2 Orphans.

Please,keep us in prayers.
Pastor Onesmus & Esther

East Africa Zarephath Ministry

Blessings in Jesus.

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