Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello blog friends! I am still alive and mostly well. I haven't had time to read blogs, Facebook or Twitter or to write much lately, but I hope to get back to all of it soon. There are a few things going on right now that are taking up my time and energy. More about that soon...

In the meantime, we are home today with one child under the weather. :( I have had also a headache for two days, so maybe it's a weird virus. Whatever it is, we are praying for restored health, in Jesus' name!

We are experiencing a beautiful snow today. Everything is all bright and clean again. I have a plethora of snow pictures to share soon from all of our winter activities.

I am watching the news and praying not only for all the unrest and violence in Africa and the Middle East but also for the people of New Zealand who are reeling from the earthquake. Father, be with them in their pain and may they feel Your Touch.

I am trying this mouth-watering recipe for supper tonight... Mexican Chicken Soup.

Okay, enough of my meandering thoughts for the moment.

Here is a picture from a recent hike...

February Sky

Blessings in Jesus!

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