Monday, May 2, 2011

All Ontario Choir 2011

Emma had the privilege of participating in a choir for the first time over the weekend. It was part of the Strings, Etc. group and was held in Brantford. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were packed with learning and practicing the pieces, participating in group activities and games, eating delicious food, making new friends, meditating on devotions and just having a fabulous time making more priceless memories. Emma also had a fun time spending both nights with her precious friend, Janelle.

On Saturday night, they had the Finale to display their hard work and musical talent.

Here is the choir singing Awake the Trumpets Lofty Sound by Handel...

Untitled from Scarlett Royce on Vimeo.

Thank you to all of the organizers and parents who helped to make this event a reality! And a special thanks to Janelle and her lovely family for hosting Emma. Love you guys!

Be blessed!

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