Monday, May 16, 2011

DVHS Co-op Drama Production

Emma has been involved in a fabulous high school co-op with 30-40 other home schooled students this school year. She has taken interesting classes (Lord of the Rings, poetry, first aid/CPR and two semesters of drama) and formed many beautiful new friendships.

This semester for her drama course, she tried out for the production of Pygmalion and landed the part of Mrs. Eynsford-Hill. It was so much fun hearing her learn her lines and especially, learn to speak with a consistent British accent! This past week was "production week" and a very busy and fun week it was.

We went as a family to the Friday afternoon show and were thrilled to watch everything come together and everyone play the parts they have been studying and working so hard for in the past four or five months.

I was very impressed with everyone! Bravo!!!

Ems, we are very proud of you! You worked hard and wanted to do things with excellence and for the glory of God. We were thrilled to watch you perform the part of Mrs. Eynsford-Hill and look forward to seeing more of your acting skills in the future. We love you!

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