Friday, August 26, 2011

Life in Virginia

Well, life in our new state is certainly not dull and boring! We experienced our first earthquake on Tuesday, which was a crazy, helpless feeling. We were all a bit freaked out, all except Bob, who was just thinking of Acts chapter two!!! No one was hurt and no damage was done to the house, thanks to the Lord!

We had already made plans with the family with whom we are staying to take all of our children, plus two neighbours, to a local water park. After we recovered from the shaking, we went ahead with our plans to go and celebrate the end of summer. We had called ahead to make sure they were still open, since many D. C. buildings had been evacuated or closed. They were open, although when we arrived, all of the main water slides were closed for safety precautions. Thankfully, they re-opened shortly after we arrived and we had a great time in the sun!

We are now watching Hurricane Irene with the rest of the East Coast. We have helped prepare the property so that nothing blows away or gets damaged, and Bob readied the generator last night. We are praying for every one's safety!

Our home in Canada has sold! Wooohooo! We will close next week and are so thrilled and thankful! We pray many blessings on the new family. I know they will love the house and the neighbourhood.

Bob and I are excited about going to a conference today and tomorrow with the Intercessors for America.

And we are looking forward to celebrating a birthday girl on Sunday!

Blessings on your day!

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