Saturday, January 21, 2012

News from Kenya!

Our friend Peb is back ministering in Kenya. Here are the first two updates from him...

We landed in Nairobi last night and are now in Machkaos. This is what I can say regarding the trip so far. It is opposed! On Tuesday, this was the day of departure, I had a noon flight out of DFW. Virtually every road into Dallas going the way of the airport was either blocked by a wreck or was delayed due the backup from the shutdown of I-30. So we chose to go through McKinney and even on that road there was a wreck causing some delay. However had left early and made the flight okay. After arriving at the gate I heard from David in Cincinnati who is traveling with me that his flight was real explanation. However he received favor from the gate agent who was able to reroute him and he and his luggage made it. Here in Machakos, Onesmus tells me that as soon as he announced that we were coming, many pastors began to pray against this trip and even that I would be cut off from Africa. Some even prayed from my death. This is due to severe jealousy. Over the past few weeks, the Lord has been instructing me concerning praying in the Spirit i.e. praying in tongues. He has shown me the power that this releases around and through us. So on this journey; I have been praying in the Spirit a lot even on the airplane. Time and time again, I have seen how this has sped us on our way. I connected through Atlanta and there was an issue of rain/thunderstorms there on my trip. I prayed in the Spirit the whole time on the way there and in the airport. No rain occurred until we got to the runway to take off and then it started but did not affect us. Again, the lesson here is in our daily lives, we must be praying without ceasing in the Spirit as I think this is what Paul meant. It will release God's power in our lives and will cause Romans 8:28 to work for us. That is what I am learning. I am expecting God to do things here on this trip and it will be put into effect as we pray without ceasing in the Spirit causing us to be built up in our most holy faith...Jude 20. We are now in Machakos, and we have our first meeting tomorrow for healing and deliverance. As David and I walked the streets today, as you are sensitive to the Spirit, you see the demonic oppression and even possession that is an everyday occurrence due to witchcraft. One cannot understand Africa and its problems with understanding deliverance ministry....the casting out of demons. In this context, Jesus said clearly that “he that is not with me scatters” other words, in the context of deliverance, if we are not with Him on this, we are scattering according to the context of this word. It is spoken in context of casting out demons. There are many churches over here whose theology came from the US that does not teach nor practice this and the people are not helped. So pray for us while we are here that we will have the power necessary for this vital work of healing and deliverance as we pray for the people.

Thanks for praying!

We had a meeting today for healing and deliverance. As we met and as prayer was being offered, many who were demonized began to scream and writhe on the floor with some spitting and gagging. Many had to be taken out of the meeting hall to finish the work of deliverance from the demons. Of note was a young man who had been in prison and had often visited witchdoctors. As the demons began to come out, he began to foam at the mouth and then repent of going to the witchdoctors. It took a while as one of the demons became stuck in his throat, but he eventually became free. There was a young girl who until one week ago had been normal, but then she was cursed by a witchdoctor and had not walked since. She was about 4 or 5. After prayer and anointing with oil, she slowly regained the ability to walk and walked out of the service free of the curse. Some of the people had walked here from far. Some had walked for 5 hours. Many were not a part of the fellowship, but had heard that healing was to be found in this place. Today was very significant for deliverance from the demons. The Lord is indeed doing a work here and is setting people free. In the service today also there were about 40 or 50 people who were saved and then prayed for to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit. So the fruit of the service today was healing, salvation and deliverance. Thanks for praying for us. Continue to pray for the freedom of the people of Machakos and East Africa.



Praise the Father for all He is doing in Kenya! I am excited to read more in the next few days!

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