Friday, February 3, 2012

The rest from Kenya

Here are all the remaining reports from our friend, Peb, and the work God has been doing this past week in Kenya. It's long, as I got a little behind in posting, but it is worth every moment of your time...
Yesterday we visited some of the homes of the grandmothers in the hills surrounding Machakos. There was a grandmother whose roof as full of holes when visited in September. With contributions from one of the ladies on the team of September we bought new roofing material. However when it was attempted to place it on the building one of the walls collapsed. So, bricks and mortar were bought and the house is near completion. This lady was so grateful that she wanted to bless me and the way in which she does this is to spit in your hand. I got it twice. Interesting that what can be a curse in one culture can actually be a blessing in another. I still was quite eager to get my hand washed and cleansed from the spitting. There were 25 people saved in the open air preaching yesterday and 10-12 were delivered of demons of witchcraft.
Esther told us of how strict that the Lord has been on her concerning the affairs of the ministry. She had a few sacks of flour left over from food distribution last year and was going to use it in her home. The Lord awoke her 2 nights in a row and told her the flour was not for her and to remove it from her house. She had no peace until she did so. The Lord is requiring strict transparency in this work. We are all learning this.
Onesmus told us the other day that in the last 2 years that the pattern of the ministry has been this in terms of people coming and receiving help. In 2010, 126,000 people came through and in 2011 146,000 came through. Most of these came and got what they needed and moved on to their places proclaiming what the Lord had done. There has been no attempt to "hold onto" the people. Rather freely you received and freely you give. There is a core group of disciples who have grown in the Lord and in the power of His Spirit. These continue on in the work of the fellowship. The Lord Himself has been the director of the lives of these people. Many have come through and spread the word of their healing and deliverance throughout the region. Thus the Gospel is spread here and many get the help they need. Very different from Western thinking and procedure. We leave tomorrow for the bush to check on the fellowships there.
Thanks for your prayers.
It is Monday afternoon on Jan 30, 2012 in East Africa. Yesterday we went to Kibunga where James ministered. Was again challenged by his story. Told by the Lord in 2002 that he loved his family more than lost people and that if he did not go to minister for Him in Kibunga that He would destroy both him and his family. So at great sacrifice he went. It has not been easy but God has enabled him to do the work. At Kibunga, there was some restlessness noted in the service. I knew that I was speaking to a small select group that would have ears to hear. Many others could not hear.
I spoke on the power of the Holy Spirit through speaking in tongues. During the ministry of the Holy Spirit I scraped my leg causing some pain. I thought at the time that that was strange but just but some antiseptic on it and went on. Then during the night, it continued to cause some discomfort and I awoke around midnight and realized that the enemy was involved in this thing. I got up and prayed and anointed my leg with oil and clean water then went to bed. In a couple of hours, I heard a mosquito around my head which had gotten into the net with me. I got up and turned on the lights. I found him and when I caught him with my hand, he splattered in my hand and my whole palm was bloody. Now I have killed many mosquitoes in Africa and have never seen this happen. I realized again that the enemy was involved and began praying in the Spirit. I also looked for bites and found none.
This morning, Onesmus told me that he and Esther had both had either dreams or visions concerning me in the night. She had seen me bound with ropes and a noose around my neck. He had seen me chased by someone with a knife. In both instances, the enemy was trying to cause me harm and possibly death. I got little sleep and was not inclined to want to speak this morning in the new fellowship that we visited. However, I prayed in the Spirit all to way and by the time we arrived was revived and strengthened to speak. There was indeed victory although the enemy wanted to cause trouble and fear. It did not work.
We visited a place called Mariene. There was no road in. We went in on a literal trail of some sort and due to Wilson's superb skills made it. Could not drive up to the mud church but had to walk the last 100 yards in. We met a congregation that is full of peace and in an absolute gorgeous location....mountains in the distance and lush vegetation around it. The lady who began this fellowship is named Juliet. She had a dream and was told by the Lord to begin this. She has had much opposition from area churches. However she is seeing people healed and delivered. She was told by the Lord to go to the Kibunga area and find a short, very black man. It took her some time but she eventually found James and the Lord confirmed to her that he would be the one to connect with the fellowship and would help her. The Lord showed her where to build the mud church building and she must walk 4 hours to get to it. I again spoke on the Lord bringing things out of hidden places and the need to establish our lives and welcome the power of God into our lives by praying in the Spirit. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit and some were saved...including our driver named Wilson. Onesmus brought the salvation message after I spoke and it is always electrifying to watch him under his evangelistic anointing. There was a good harvest there.
Yesterday, David had prayed for James' oldest son who had had abdominal pain for a year. He saw a snake in his spirit when he prayed for him and when he commanded the demon out, he was completely healed of the pain. 24hrs later he is still healed. So what the enemy had planned for evil on Sunday and last night, the Lord turned around for good. Praise the name of the Lord! Tomorrow we go to another new fellowship that I don't yet know. This work is certainly being opposed...but we were promised that this would be the case. Through prayer and perseverance, victory is at hand. Thanks for praying! By the way, some of these things that happened cannot be proved in the natural realm, but in the realm of the Spirit you know that they are happening at the instigation of the enemy. However he is not prevailing.
It is hard to describe the day. It is Tues, Jan 31st in the afternoon. We went to a new fellowship in the bush today. Kamothoro is the name of the place... I thought I knew remote. However this takes the cake for me. We came upon a narrow trail that was to be our road. Somewhere along the trail we came to a very steep drop-off full of rocks. It was so steep that our driver asked us to get out and he navigated the vehicle down the hill and we got back in. However soon we came upon a place in the road that he did not think he could pass and we hiked the rest of the way in.
On the way, I got a word that perhaps we were the first white men to visit this place. After arriving and beginning the service, the pastor there made the statement that many had not come today as they did not believe that white people would really come as no white man had ever visited this place since it was created. So indeed the word was validated. The Lord indeed is doing something in these bush churches. This pastor had seen James in a vision in 2010 and then went to a meeting of other pastors last year. At that meeting he saw James and knew from his vision that he was to be connected. James has become overseer of 5 or 6 of these bush fellowships and all have been connected by a dream or vision.
Only the pastor and one other had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, but we prayed for many today to be filled with the Holy Spirit and many began speaking in tongues. We then prayed for the sick. 4 women were crippled in the right knee or leg and Onesmus discerned that it was the spirit of witchcraft over this area. Even the pastor had been crippled in his right leg when Onesmus visited in Dec. Today all of the ladies were healed and could then walk freely. The pastor had been healed in Dec.
There was a blind man there who was completely blind. Onesmus prayed for him and he regained partial sight. He could see no light and after prayer could see light and make out some of the people. He was admonished to remain in faith so that the healing could be completed. It is clear that the Lord is connecting these bush churches together and to us. All are connected directly by the Holy Spirit by dreams and visions. God is doing a work in hidden away places because of His great concern, love and compassion for these people. To the natural mind, it makes little sense; but look at your calling that not been noble or wise were called. He calls the weak and foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Truly an interesting journey today and the Lord enabled us to get there and back with no problems with the vehicle.
Thanks for your prayers.
A quick update from Feb 1st. We heard back from Kamathoro where we ministered yesterday. The blind man is now seeing well. The people there who had been bootlegging alcohol were all arrested last night after we left the area. We went to Kanoa today and had a great time with the people there. The people are very excited to see the Lord remove the witchcraft and the curses that come from it from the area. We leave tomorrow for Nairobi and home.
Blessings over Peb and his family, Onesumus and Esther and their family and the beautiful Kenyan people. May God continue doing His marvelous work in Machakos and the entire country, in Jesus' Name!

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