Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Invisible Children


This is brilliant! Stop Kony!

Praying this comes to pass soon. And praying for all the precious children to be rescued and healed from their horrible wounds.


  1. Hi Scarlett!

    I hope you have had a chance to read different perpectives on this campaign!

    One by a Ugandan himself

    Love you :)

  2. Yes, Karen, I have been reading and am quite stunned by all the criticism. I hear the heart of Invisible Children to stop this horrible, evil man and save these children. Maybe they are they have a "saviour complex" or whatever, but I truly believe that the children are the reason they are doing anything. And this is not new, just because it has just gone viral this week. They have been working on this project for several years. They met a boy named Jacob and were moved by his story and didn't want to return to the United States to just go back to business as usual. Do we not see any of the good they are doing? Does every NGO have to go about their business exactly the same way? I know you personally know several non-profit organizations/ministries/similar organizations and have been involved with them or support them or have even worked with them. They do not all have the same vision or plan of action and certainly not one of them does things perfectly. I honor this organization for their efforts and the work they are doing on behalf of these precious children. May their efforts be successful and may they continue to have a positive impact on these children who are no longer invisible to those of us in North America.

    And here is their response, in case you haven't seen it...