Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Prayer Update


It’s been an active several weeks since our last update at the end of March.  I travelled to Texas for a month spending a week in Houston and three weeks in Dallas/Ft. Worth and east Texas.  It was a privilege to connect with friends already associated with Intercessors for America and also to connect and cast vision with others to mobilize fasting, prayer and repentance during these pivotal days for our country.

Some of our team from IFA will be in DC the next few days for events associated with the National Day of Prayer.  Thursday, we will be at the Cannon House Office Building for the official NDOP prayer event.  Friday, we will be attending an invitation only gathering at the Israeli Embassy, with Ambassador Michael Oren, to show support for and solidarity with Israel.

Also, we at IFA are hosting our First Friday Prayer Conference Call this week[712-432-0075, Access Code 1412452, 12:15-12:45 ET] if you are interested in joining us.  Since 1973 we have been mobilizing Christians to set aside the first Friday of every month to fast and pray for the country.  We will be facilitating these calls every month up to the election and possibly beyond.  In April over 200 friends joined in on the call…it was a powerful, moving experience together in the Lord.

Scarlett and I continue to say what a humbling yet joyful time to be here during these important days.  Thanks for investing with us prayerfully and financially.  Attached is a brief article I wrote about the earthquake that hit DC back on August 23.  It is a timely message for us in the US.


Bob Royce
Mobilization Coordinator
Intercessors for America
PO Box 915
Purcellville, VA 20134

Moving and Shaking

In January 2011, after enjoying serving as a missionary and pastor outside Toronto, Canada, for 8 years, the Lord started moving in our family of seven to get ready for a new assignment somewhere back in the U.S., in Virginia, near Washington D.C.  With the kindling of spiritual awakening and revival glowing brighter inside of us, we sold it all, started trekking on a journey of faith in June as a family and eventually landed near the headquarters of Intercessors for America [IFA]…having never heard of this vital and strategic ministry.

Many of us remember the earthquake that shook our Nation’s Capital on August 23, 2011.  According to ABC News, “The strongest earthquake to hit the East Coast of the U.S. in seven decades…” [“Earthquake Aftermath: National Landmarks Damaged” by Kevin Dolak and Jessica Hopper, August 24, 2011]. We felt it.  The ripple effects of this shift cracked both the National Cathedral and the Washington Monument.  Once I heard this, I immediately sensed that the Lord is showing us something crucial…Both the church and the nation are damaged and crumbling.  In the words of one of IFA’s founders, Derek Prince, “As goes the church, so goes a nation” [IFA Prayer Letter, Feb 2010, p.3].

The following Sunday we gathered with one other family in their living room, and I shared from Scripture about the need to turn from our personal and national sin, in light of the shaking that occurred just a few days ago. As we were discussing and praying, a bald eagle swooped down and flew right outside their living room window...maybe 10 feet off the ground! One of the teenagers shouted as he saw it, and we all ran outside to their deck, stunned in amazement and awe, as the eagle rose back in the air and circled the area for a bit. Why would this majestic creature, the official bird of the United States since 1789, make a rare and unusual appearance right at that moment? I believe that the Lord was confirming for us the timely message of personal and national repentance. The Lord is inviting our nation to turn back to Him, and if we do so in humility, He is eager to respond in ways we cannot even imagine.

Here is the deal…
  • It is time to move to a place of repentance, not with a stronger sense of human will but surrender.  We, the followers of Jesus, are to lead the way.
  • When we humble ourselves, confess our sins, get together and pray, God eagerly forgives and shows up.  [2 Chronicles 7:14]
  • It is time to gather those around us, whether it’s family, church, city or state.
Thank you for all you do in mobilizing prayer for our country. It is a privilege to be connected with you in the Kingdom, and specifically with IFA.  Go to to setup a prayer website or learn about our Can America Be Saved resources to help you.  Always feel free to contact our office for additional mobilizing support.  Let’s continue to link arms together, not in our own strength but empowered by the Holy Spirit, focused on Jesus and His Kingdom, and watch the Lord raise up a tenacious army of intercessors for our country.

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