Thursday, July 12, 2012 far

Evening sky

Wheat field close by
Slip 'n slide fun

Visit from Matthew

Gammy and some of the Texas cousins

Father and son time

4th of July pig roast

4th of July parade

Local winery with amazing views

We also survived an unusual and intense storm, a stretch of brutal heat and are now back down into normal temps for this time of year. We lost power for about 18 hours due to the storm, but we were very thankful that it wasn't long and we could host friends who were without power for five days. We've enjoyed all the visitors we've had recently and are looking forward to more in the future.

Hope you're enjoying summertime where you are! Blessings!


  1. Sweet Friends,

    I miss you like nobody's bidness this saturday afternoon. It is nice and toasty here...sending love, hugs, and prayer today.

  2. Oh, miss you back, so very much. Come down anytime! xo