Monday, September 17, 2012

Boys and Books

As Emma was growing up, I found it very simple to find books for her to read. She has always enjoyed reading and is fairly easy to please, plus there are shelves and shelves of "girl" books to choose from. 

When the boys started getting older, I found the opposite to be true. Boy books are difficult to find. Good boy books, that is. There is an excessive amount of books that are silly or dark or just plain ridiculous. Not that silly is all bad, but because I had, thankfully, been introduced to "living books" when I started my homeschooling journey, I have a hard time with the ridiculous or even just dry material. I have spoken with other moms about this topic, and apparently it is very common.

So, if you have boys and have been wanting to find some engaging reading material, I thought I'd share a few titles that both of my boys have enjoyed in the past few months.

The Trailblazer Books by Dave and Neta Jackson have been a big hit!

Austin's favourite was...


Kindle Edition:

Ben's favourite was...


Kindle Edition:

Another series they are both enjoying right now is The Kane Chronicles, by Rick Riordan...

Of course, these are favourites, for both boys and girls...

And these...

If you have young men in your home who enjoy reading, please share their favourites in the comments! We are always looking for more great reads.


  1. very good I need to find books for my 8 boys thanks for posting!!!!!