Friday, November 30, 2012

Our December Plans

(Wrapping our Christmas books to be chosen, unwrapped and read starting tomorrow!)

This year I am getting back to something I started seven years ago but stopped along the way. I learned from one of my Five In A Row sisters that she took the entire month of December off from regular homeschool work to just enjoy the month of Advent. She baked with her children, read delightful books, enjoyed crafts and movies and hot chocolate. That same precious mom was then pregnant with her fifth child. She passed away in childbirth a few months later. When she passed away, I was pregnant with Maya, my fifth child. That dear lady's death had a profound impact on me, even though I had never met her in person. That she felt so led by God to take the entire month of December off to make beautiful, cozy memories with her children is something I will never forget, and I'm sure those children must treasure each and every memory they have of her. Now, not to worry, I do not believe I am going to die any time soon. But really, time is flying by and these children will only be under my care on a daily basis for a very short time. I want to make the most of every minute and season we have together. 

I have done something similar by taking off from our regular school work during the holidays, but it was several years ago. When I told the children that I have something different planned for this December, they all perked up and wanted to know what my idea was. I told them how we had done this in years past and that I wanted to do so again, and as you can imagine, they were eager and enthusiastic.

So I am having fun planning what books, crafts, movies, baking, etc. we will be doing. Along with the Christmas and advent activities, we will also be working through a unit study by Amanda Bennett called Expedition Israel. Click here to view more details. We started it Tuesday and I am so excited about what we are learning and discovering. It is a blessing to have all five of my loves sitting at the table with me, instead of being spread out in their separate spaces all over the house.

Expedition Israel is on sale for $5 right now through December 21. Click here to view more details.

Click here to visit Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.

Happy Holidays and may you also make merry memories with your loved ones this December!

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  1. Can I come over the entire month of December to join in on the crafts, baking and book reading:):)What a wonderful legacy that mother left - now you are passing it along to your children!

  2. Yes, please come! We'll have the hot chocolate ready for you! xo

  3. Scarlett, what a wonderful idea! I love it and just picked up two armloads of books from the library to join you in this! I am really, really looking forward to December now...and I've got lots of wrapping to do tonight!

  4. MC, I am so happy for you and the boys! I know you will have fun (and funny) moments to share. I'll be watching your blog! Happy memory making! xo