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Together: Growing Appetites For God - Review

Together: Growing Appetites for God

My review:

I met Carrie Ward when I worked with her husband at KCBI Radio in the 1996. I only worked at the radio station one year and then we moved out of the area. Wes and Carrie also moved on, too. We re-connected a few years ago via Facebook and I was thrilled to learn that Carrie was writing her story of how she learned to read and enjoy God's Word with her children.

If you are a mom who desires to read the Bible with your children but need encouragement in how to go about it, Carrie's book, Together: Growing Appetites for God may just be the inspiration for you. Her stories are sweet and funny and engaging. She is a mom, just like me, just like you. She didn't know how she would get her young children to listen or understand what she was reading, but God was faithful, as Carrie was faithful. Morning after morning they jumped into His Word and not only did her children benefit from the Truth being poured into their lives, but Carries testifies to her own life being changed, as well.

I am so happy that the Holy Spirit led her to simply read the Bible, chapter by chapter, book by book. We have been doing the same in our home for years and I have told many a young mom and/or Sunday school teacher that our children understand so much more than people expect of them sometimes. I am thankful that, like Carrie, I have had hours and days and nights to spend with my children so that God's Word is a normal, everyday part of our lives. It is something we miss when we are not on our normal routine and something we cannot wait to get back to. And I had to laugh at Carrie's story about how her children kept asking for one more chapter and then another, until it was lunchtime (she had started her reading at breakfast). We have had similar experiences in our Bible and worship times. What a gift!

To find out more about Carrie, visit her blog: An Everyday Mama

Buy the book here:

This book would make a great Christmas gift for that young mom on your list.

{Moody Publishers sent me one copy of Together: Growing Appetites For God for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.}
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