Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Best day ever!"

Things have been full lately. I haven't even posted photos of our weekend in Williamsburg or the winner of my latest giveaway (coming soon!). There is so much going on and more coming (including a sweet friend coming to stay for a few weeks and a 2 y/o addition to our daytimes, when I start caring for a friend's grandson). But I have to take a few minutes out right this minute to give thanks to my Father for today! 

Maya declared, as she was savouring her chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream cone, "Best day ever!"

When I asked her why she thought so, she said "Ice cream and garage sales!" Add in the gorgeous Virginia spring day, and I couldn't agree with her more.

Now, even though I strive to be a frugal shopper, I am not normally a garage sale shopper. Usually, I just don't have any spare $$$ to make the effort. This morning, however, I was really compelled to go out and follow the signs to the 'moving sale' and 'community wide sale' I had been seeing advertised the past three or four days. So, off I went. I was searching specifically for a coffee table to go with the new furniture we were just given for our living room. 

To make a long story short(er), I found a few items that I purchased to have for the little one who will be hanging out with us soon, as well as some Nerf guns for the boys. I also found a DVD and a messenger bag for Emma. Seriously, garage sale-ing could become a hobby of mine if the deals are as good as what I saw today. I did not find any furniture though.

Anyway, I went home to show the kids what I had found and they decided they wanted to go and check out some garage sales as well as the library book sale themselves. We didn't find too much at the garage sales until we came to one particular street. We purchased a scooter for the younger kids and then I looked across the street and down two or three houses where there was another garage sale still going on or at least there were still tables of items sitting in the driveway. Sure enough, there was a coffee table, sitting at the end of the driveway nearest the street. We all walked down and I was delighted to see that it was the shape and colour I had had in mind. The top was scratched, but the rest of it was in great shape and the lid even opened up to reveal a storage space. Ben said, "Mom, guess what?!" And the rest of us were stunned and amazed to find that the coffee table was FREE! Oh happy day!!! 

It ended up that the whole lot of items was free. It seemed that no one was home and there was a sign that Maya found that read "All items free. Take whatever you like." What?! WOW!

And not only do we now have a beautiful new piece of furniture, but the younger children and Bob have had a fantastic Nerf battle tonight with the three new bargain guns. Plus we have a rocking horse, a basket of pre-school toys and books and two new-to-us riding toys for the little one. Emma has a new bag and we have a new DVD to watch. Oh, and Ava found three old but incredibly interesting hardcover books at the library sale for a whopping total of 75 cents! That doesn't include the other free items I acquired from some very generous people. Thank you, whoever you are!

I am just overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement. My Father is good and gives such good gifts. Wow, wow, wow. 


  1. Your new table is beautiful! Thank the Lord that He directed your steps to be at the right place at the right time! I went garage saling today...I've been addicted for 3 years now. I love the thrill of the hunt. :) You guys had such a good day, and the picture of all your children up top is lovely. You are richly blessed.


    1. Thank you, dearest! I knew you would rejoice over my finding treasure! I hope you found some treasures, too.
      Scarlett xo