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Legacy Documentaries {Review}

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Legacy Documentaries is a video production company based in California and run by Dean Butler. Does that name ring a bell? He played Almanzo on the long-running hit family television show, Little House on the Prairie. Legacy Documentaries has recently produced both Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura ($21.95, plus shipping) and Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder DVD ($24.95, plus shipping), the latter of which I had the opportunity to review. 

From the Legacy website -

What we do:

Legacy Documentaries captures life's defining moments. We produce video programming designed to capture the emotions, memories, events and relationships that define life. Our projects have taken us across the country and around the world because stories of triumph, sacrifice and inspiration happen everywhere. 

What we produce:
  • Historic and Living Biographies
  • Personal and Corporate Tributes
  • Lifestyle, Company & Sports Profiles
  • Public Service Announcements
  • On-line News Segments
  • DVD Bonus Content
  • Company Image Presentations
  • Delivery for Broadcast, DVD & Web

Were you a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan? Did you read the books? Watch the television show? Both? I was and still am a big fan. I have owned a beloved set of her books since I was in elementary school. I loved reading about adventures and Laura lived so many adventures. It was easy to imagine being a playmate of hers down by the creek or roaming through the glorious prairie. Maybe we would run into a bear or a wolf. Maybe we would meet a Native American family along the path. It's still fun to think about the happenings in Laura's books. I enjoyed reading the books to my older children a number of years ago, and am presently reading them to my two younger girls, both of whom are loving them. 

Here are my books in all their faded, worn, well-loved state . . .

When I was given the opportunity to review this DVD, I was looking forward to learning more about Laura's life and gaining insight into her story. This one hour documentary provides information regarding more of the story of this American icon, including Laura's biological family, her up-bringing, her sweet relationship with Almanzo, the sometimes rocky relationship with their daughter, and her growth as an author. I really never knew if all the stories portrayed in the books were strictly autobiographical or included some imaginative license, as well. And now I know, but you'll have to get the DVD and watch for yourself!

The cinematography is very good and the scenery is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing photographs showing Laura and her loved ones. The target age for the viewing audience is ages 8-13. I asked my younger two girls to watch this with me and they were very interested. They do not usually enjoy documentaries too much, but since they knew and understood who this one was about and recognized several things in the film, it kept their attention and they enjoyed it very much. 

We recommend this DVD to any Laura fans, old and young, alike.

Watch the trailer here.

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