Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Wore

Well, this week may have to be called a fail as far as What I Wore Wednesday is concerned. Not because this is the only outfit I have worn all week, although I am known to wear any given outfit two days in a row. No. I just didn't get photos of any other outfit, and this one is nothing to write home about.

Ever have those days when you just want to crawl back under the covers? Yep. That was today for me. Nothing particularly wrong. I was mainly just tired and had a slight headache, but nothing major. Just one of those days. So this was the comfy, cozy outfit that is perfect for exactly that kind of day.

Red fleece - Target
Jeans - Old Navy
Fuzzy red socks - Christmas gift a year or two ago
Earrings - TJ Maxx
Reading glasses - ICU Eyewear (I won a giveaway!)

Here's to a new day tomorrow!

Love and blessings. xo

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  1. Hi Scarlett! Love those fuzzy socks. :-) I know what you mean about those lazy days, they're getting more frequent with the cold weather approaching! Have a blessed evening!