Friday, December 6, 2013

The Passion of Mary: An Untold Story of Advent

The Passion of Mary: an Untold Story of Advent is a 14-day journey to prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus through a fictional tale based on Biblical and historical accounts with daily reflections and meditations.
Come, take the journey with us…
As the world rushes through the holiday season, let’s dare to take a detour.
Travel back 2,000 years and watch as the untold story of Advent unfolds from the point of view of characters including Mary, Joseph, and even the angel Gabriel. In The Passion of Mary, you’ll take a never-before-seen look into how obedience, perseverance, faith, and a mother’s love foreshadow the very Passion of Christ that shook the foundations of history.
Prepare a place and reopen the manger of your heart as you read the story and ponder the 14 daily Advent reflections of The Passion of Mary: An Untold Story of Advent.

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