Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring and Happiness!

Good morning, friends!

Happy first day of spring! Isn't a new season SO exciting?! The birds are giving their chirpy concerts. The snow is melting. There are signs of all the shades of green and buds and new life.

And . . .

Happy International Day of Happiness! 

Did you know that the United Nations has declared March 20 the International Day of Happiness? I don't know about you, but I think that is a phenomenal idea! 

In my seeking and asking the Father what "on earth as it is in heaven" looks like here on planet earth, happiness is one thing that keeps coming up. There are multiple verses on joy, rejoicing, blessing, blessed, favour, and yes, even the words "happy" and "bliss". I think we as believers in Jesus have bought all kinds of lies from the enemy of our souls and have disregarded the fact that we are to know and experience and share and spread the happiness of heaven! I get goose bumps just thinking about what a difference it can make if we align our thinking with the Father's thinking and heart. 

He is love and He is happy!

I recently made a statement in a conversation with Emma: 'I am so tired of grumpy Christians!' 

Now, maybe that makes me sound grumpy, too. Perhaps. But when I see all kinds of griping and whining and complaining and general grouchiness from those I know to profess Jesus as their Saviour, mainly on social media, I have to ask some serious questions. Why are we so sad, depressed, whiney, grouchy? And who are we kidding? Why are we surprised if we don't have our non-believing friends flocking to Jesus? Why would they want our miserable lives? They already have that. Or maybe they don't. Maybe they feel like they're actually better off than we are. They have a positive outlook, their health, a loving family, a stable job. 

Why would they need Jesus when all we ever do is bitch about our lives? 

So, here's a perfect opportunity to start fresh. The first day of a new season. And the day that people all around the world are declaring and celebrating happiness.

So, let's celebrate our new life in Jesus Christ. Let's get this party started. Let's choose to be happy. Happiness should not depend on our circumstances. Happiness should not depend on how much money is in our bank accounts. Happiness should not be based on our weight, our closets, our cars, our houses, our careers. 

For those of us who know and follow Jesus, we are happy. 

Declare that over yourself right now: I AM HAPPY!

If you truly cannot find anything to be happy about, please leave a comment or email me (email address found in sidebar). I would like to pray for you and come alongside you to live this life of happiness together. We are loved by God and have so much to be thankful for.

Here's a little fun to get you started:

To see what some are doing to celebrate this day, check out this video . . .

Blessings and love. xo


  1. Hi from IBN! When I saw your post I just had to smile cause I'm with you!! I wrote about both Spring and International Happiness Day as well (almost done on that one), & was so psyched for both I had to write a post each, ha! ; ) Have a happy day!!

    1. Hi Sybil! How fun that we both blogged about spring and happiness. I tried following you via GFC. For some reason I'm getting an error, but will try again later. :)