Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Mom Conference - Order Now!

As moms, we often feel overwhelmed and inadequate. We struggle to get dinner on the table, feed our kids healthy food or control our spending, and then consume ourselves with mom guilt. We constantly think that others are doing it better than we are. We wonder if our bodies will ever bounce back after giving birth. We get upset when we yell or nag at our kids. We unintentionally over-schedule ourselves and get distracted from the thing we love to do the most: make our families the best they can be. 

That's why I'm inspired by the more than 30 well-known moms who taught me a few things at The Mom Conference. They brought all of their best tips and tricks for making life easier as a mom. 

Take advantage of their advice by purchasing The Mom Conference class downloads today:
Their advice provides actionable, step-by-step solutions to deal with the challenges we face as moms, such as:
  • Learn the one phrase that gets kids to listen without yelling or nagging
  • Take things off of your plate when you're over-scheduled
  • Whip up a month's worth of dinners just in a few hours
  • Get your home organized and keep it that way
  • Re-connect to your marriage and strengthen it
  • And, so much more!
You don't have to go to their websites, or even change out of your PJs--their expertise has been gathered all in one place, and you can listen to it while cooking, exercising, running errands or watching your kids play.
The entire catalog of The Mom Conference downloads (and nearly 20 free bonus items) can start inspiring you now for $67 (in two $33.50 installments if you like), but act today because this special price is only in effect during the conference.
The price will increase to $97 on Monday, April 14th, at midnight! Take these important steps to improve yourself and your family today:

Blessings and love. xo

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