Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Voice Among The Silent: The Legacy of James G. McDonald

Earlier this week, Bob and I were honoured to attend a Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration in D. C. highlighting the humanitarian efforts of James G. McDonald, a Christian diplomat and first U.S. Ambassador to Israel, who helped rescue Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany. McDonald warned world leaders including President Franklin Roosevelt and the future Pope Pius XII  of the impending doom he foresaw. The event included the debut of A Voice Among the Silent: The Legacy of James G. McDonald, a 53-minute documentary by Shuli Eshel, and a panel discussion with U. S. Congresswoman Donna Christensen (D-VI); Dr. Barbara McDonald Stewart (McDonald's daughter); historian Dr. Rafael Medoff; and the filmmaker.

I am amazed by Mr. McDonald's life and story. What a remarkable and fascinating man. He actually went over to Germany to interview Hitler in 1933. He was alarmed by what he learned and became a voice for the Jews, even when not many people seemed to care or really be listening. Not only that, but he was also very instrumental in finding a place for the 100,000 Jews who were left in the concentration camps to call home after the war - and that place is what we now know as the State of Israel. 

I hope you will consider buying this DVD or even having Ms. Eshel bring this important film to your community. It would be great for small groups, books clubs, church groups or school assemblies.

Buy the DVD: A Voice Among The Silent: The Legacy of James G. McDonald

Eshel Productions
3600 N. Lake Shore Dr. # 1205
Chicago, IL 60613

To book the film in your area: Eshel Productions

And may we never forget the atrocities that were committed during the Holocaust and never allow them to happen again. 

Blessings and love. xo

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