Friday, August 8, 2014

Smithfield Farm Bed and Breakfast

Bob and I had the brief opportunity to get away a few days ago, and I wanted to share our delightful destination with you. This beautiful and historic inn is located in the Shenandoah Valley near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Clarke County, Virginia. Smithfield Farm is on the verge of celebrating her 200th birthday (in 2016)! How amazing is that?! 

We found out about the inn on and were impressed with the copious amount of raving reviews, as well as the close proximity to our house. We love a getaway that is hours away from home, but this time we did not have much margin in our schedule. This location was perfect for us. It's far enough in the country that we sort of forgot we had not even left our county to get there.

We chose to stay in the Summer Kitchen Cottage (pictured below). It is a two-story building with two sitting areas, two fireplaces, a full kitchen, a bedroom with a queen-size bed and a washroom with a jacuzzi tub. The stairs are quite narrow, so if you have a concern about stairs, you would probably want to choose to stay in the main building. You can see those choices here.

We were the only guests that night (probably due to it being a Sunday), so we had free roam of the gardens and grounds. We enjoyed the beautiful blooms growing in the front and back sections of the inn, the goldfish pond, the bean bag toss game (otherwise known as "Corn Hole") and the coffee and snacks that were always available.

There was a creek running through the property and it just happened to have two chairs stationed right beside it. We took a leisurely stroll down the driveway and then sat in those chairs by the creek for a nice, long chat. There is just something about listening to running water, smelling it, watching it that is so very relaxing. There was a wonderful breeze flowing through the trees. Multiple butterflies fluttered about, and we spotted a pair American Goldfinches, which are some of my favourites. Ahhhhh.

Since we had read some reviews before we arrived, we had pretty high expectations of breakfast Monday morning. Our expectations were met and exceeded! Oh my, you guys, it was amazing. We were delighted to meet Betsy, the innkeeper and our hostess for breakfast. The farm has been in her family for seven generations, and we enjoyed learning more about her family and the farming they have done over the years. You can check out more about their products at Smith Meadows. They have a store located beside the B & B or you can check out their famers' market locations.

So, as you may be able to guess by now, we highly recommend Smithfield Farm Bed and Breakfast! If you are coming to Northern Virginia and need a place to stay, this is a wonderful choice. Or if you live in this area and just want a short get-away or are looking for a place to host a reception or party, Smithfield Farm would be a great setting for whatever you may be celebrating. We hope to go back again.

Blessings and love. xo

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this post. I just want my readers to know about places I have enjoyed and recommend, in case they are interested.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Trips that aren't that far from home are nice, too! It's the part of not sleeping in your own bed that makes you feel a million miles away!

    1. It was wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping by, Lisa! :)