Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly Menu Plan {18 August}

Hello and happy Monday! How is your week starting out? Has school begun in your neck of the woods? I believe schools started here today, but we still have a couple of weeks before we have our first day. I am not ready, but I am working on things almost every day to get prepared. It will be so strange to only have four students instead of five this year. (I realise that I haven't posted about Emma's grad, but I plan to do so soon.)

Here is my tentative plan for this week's meals:

Monday - Taco Salad

Tuesday - Crock Pot BBQ Beef, potato casserole, salad

Wednesday - Leftover BBQ Beef on leftover baked potatoes (from last Sunday's meal)

Thursday - Bruschetta (Our neighbours shared some beautiful tomatoes from their garden, which will be perfect on bruschetta!)

Friday - Something on the grill

Saturday - Rustic Lasagna, sautéed spinach, veggie tray

Sunday - Snack-y supper

Enjoy your week!

Blessings and love. xo

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