Monday, September 15, 2014

A Voice For Persecuted Christians


You’ve probably seen news coverage of the persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria in the last few weeks. When I first learned of the atrocities that were being done to these followers of Jesus, I was appalled. And heartbroken. I couldn't believe that our country wasn't providing some kind of intervention. Shortly after, we did begin intervening. And as I have followed this crisis situation, I have seen more help for our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, and have been praying for more groups to be able to reach out to the persecuted. I was relieved to find out about Food For The Hungry and their assistance in helping these believers. I am joining other bloggers and Food For The Hungry today to introduce the #IAmYourVoice campaign, on behalf of these beautiful people who are running for their lives.

As refugees flee these two countries to save their families, Food for the Hungry (FH) is providing food and other relief support – and they need YOUR help! With partners like us joining the I Am Your Voice campaign, together we are getting aid to people living through this Middle East crisis nightmare.
The I Am Your Voice campaign is sending out a call of help for those who cannot ask for it. This FH campaign is focused specifically on helping refugees fleeing the fighting in Iraq and Syria. FH is partnering with Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD) which works with the local church in the Middle East to help those fleeing the terrorist onslaught to find safety and shelter.
LSESD has helped and is preparing to help more Iraqi Christian families along with refugees fleeing the fighting. They report, “Our Relief and Develop program is supporting between 6,000 to 7,000 vulnerable Syrian families in Lebanon and in Syria…We have been called to provide for Christian Iraqi refugees in Lebanon, and we expect to have a growth in Iraqi refugees in the coming months.”Additionally LSESD is helping Christians and churches in northern Iraq who are on the front line of suffering.
But they need our help to provide for these Iraqi Christians. They currently don’t have enough funds to provide food, shelter, hygiene kits, child protection and more to these desperate families. Will you help?
By providing a gift of $25, $50 or $125 — you’ll be saving the lives of your Iraqi brothers and sisters in Christ as they flee a religious-persecuted death — and Syrian families fleeing war.  By joining the I Am Your Voice campaign and giving generously today you are joining the suffering church and “allowing the church to fulfill its ministry” of hope in this desperate hour.


Food for the Hungry

Blessings and love. xo

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