Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rediscover Your Creative Side in 4 Simple Steps

Hello, friends! I wanted to alert you to something I think it pretty exciting. Not only is The Ultimate DIY Bundle going to be on sale very soon, but right now, I have a special offer for you, and the best part - it's FREE!!!  It's called Four Steps to Recover Your Inner Creative Genius and it was written by MyQuillyn from!

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Many years ago, I used to say that I wasn't a creative person. Thankfully, the Father gently showed me that because He created me, because He is the ultimate Creator, because I am created in His Image, that lo and behold, it was actually sinful for me to be saying that I wasn't creative. Yikes. He showed me that I didn't have to paint like Van Gogh or sing like Celine Dion or take photographs like Ansel Adams or, or, or . . . But because I am His creation and created in His image, I can lay claim to my unique abilities to be creative. I read a couple of encouraging authors who shared this same message, and although I don't always take the time to nurture my creative side, it is something so meaningful and important to me now, twenty years later. It is something that is valued in my home and in teaching my children in our homeschool. 

If you do not see yourself as very creative or maybe you do but you've pushed aside your creative outlets for one reason or another, this mini-course may be just the encouragement you need to get out those paints or that yarn or that camera or those piano pieces or that pottery wheel or that journal and start dreaming again.  

Not only do you get the FREE mini-course, you can also get (via referral) . . .

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Click HERE to sign up for this fantastic offer! I hope you'll join me in renewing our sense of creativity and adding creative sessions into our days, for our own pleasure, for our own expression, for our own delight, and ultimately to glorify our Creator! 

This offer is only available through January 20.

Blessings and love. xo

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  1. What a neat offer!
    Time to dust off those creative skills

    Thanks for linking up to #SHINEbloghop

    1. My pleasure! And thanks for stopping by, Lydia.

  2. Sounds like a great kick-start for those wanting to get into crafting and such! I love getting creative myself :)