Friday, March 13, 2015

No Longer a Slumdog {Review and Free Book}

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from FlyBy Promotions in exchange for this review. Opinions are all my own and not influenced by monetary compensation. 

There are some books that make you smile, some books that teach you about the world, some that pull at your heartstrings and some that are just downright difficult to swallow. No Longer A Slumdog by K. P. Yohannan is all of those things and more. 

About the book:
Those with no voice—the suffering children of Asia—tell their stories. And as you listen to them, you share their anguish and rejoice in their triumphs. The whole world seems to stop as you look on.

"You girls stay here. I’m going to get something to drink.” But after a few minutes, the train started moving again, and Mom still wasn’t back! Our hearts were racing. The train kept going faster and faster. Where was Mom? 

Hope is growing in the hearts of those who never knew such a thing existed. In this truly gripping narrative, K.P. Yohannan shares their stories— stories of lives transformed, of families learning to love, of entire communities flourishing with new life. Witness as this next great wave of transformation sweeps the nations.

About the author:
K. P. Yohannan 

Dr. K.P. Yohannan, founder and international director for Gospel of Asia, has authored more than 200 books, including Revolution in World Missions, an international bestseller with more than 3 million copies in print. He is on the board of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), and his Road to Reality radio program airs on more than 900 stations worldwide. He and his wife, Gisela, have two grown children, Daniel and Sarah, who both serve the Lord with their families.

My thoughts:
I had read another book by K. P. Yohannan and knew of his heart for the people of India, so when I had the opportunity to review No Longer A Slumdog, I said yes. I have never been to India (yet!), but I have spent time with orphans in Russia and street children in Venezuela. I know that people in other countries do not have the luxuries we have and often take for granted in the United States of America. I know about the caste system in India but have never understood it. I have watched the Academy Award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire and know that it was based on the true picture of extreme poverty in certain parts of India. 

This book took the story further. It gave example after example of the Dalits in India and their desperation and hopelessness. I honestly had to put the book down a time or two to take a break from the heartache. I felt the weight of the sorrow and sadness and sometimes had to take a breather. But I cannot walk away completely. Compassion is at the very heart of our heavenly Father. I need to know these stories, the names and faces of those who have suffered greatly and have experienced the metamorphosis of becoming new in Jesus Christ. 

I think the most important thing I take away from this book is what the Bridge of Hope Centers are doing in the lives of thousands of precious people in India. Children are being cared for, getting not only their basic needs of food, clothing and education met, but also they are learning about the incredible love of God. They are learning that they are not forgotten. And they are going home and sharing this love with their families. Entire families and even entire villages are being transformed by the love and grace of Jesus!

It only takes $35 per day to give a child what he or she needs - school supplies, a nourishing meal, medical checkups and more. Please order your free copy of this book (see below) and pray about how your family can help one of these children.

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Blessings and love. xo

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