Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Modern Day Heroine

I haven't written anything about the crisis in our country. The millions of babies. The heartbreak. The shame. The secrecy. The guilt. It's all too much sometimes. I don't want to consider it. I don't want to take it all in. I was pregnant seven times, with two of those pregnancies sadly ending in miscarriage. I have had many, many ultrasounds over the years. I have seen with my own eyes. What a joy to have watched my babies on those screens at all their different stages of development while in my womb! I have never understood the argument. We're talking about tiny human beings. Tiny, helpless lives. Living and breathing. Growing and maturing. Changing by the minute. 

I am all about choosing life. 

I saw the movie that was loosely based on her life, but I have just recently discovered this wonderful, warrior woman, Gianna Jessen, and her incredible, beauty from ashes story. Her biological mother attempted to end her life via abortion. As you can see, the abortion didn't work. She is a living, breathing miracle. 

Just this week she was in D. C. to testify before Congress. Check it out! 

This one is from a couple of years ago. It's a little longer, tells a bit more of the story and is powerful message I don't want you to miss. I hope to meet this beautiful sister one day. She carries such an incredible message of hope and love and forgiveness and grace. All the things that I embrace and want to live out in my own life.

Gianna, I can see it. God does smile on you, dear one. What joy and delight you bring to Him. Thank you for telling your story. It is truly one of victory!

I have friends who have had abortions. I know their regret. I know that it follows them. I see the woundedness. The sorrow in their eyes. Abortion is not a quick fix that is somehow forgotten, tossed away with yesterday's refuse. It remains. For both the woman and the man. So, please, if you are one who chose that path, know that I love you and more importantly, Jesus loves you. He died for all of us, no matter if my sins are the same or different from yours. Sin is sin. We can all be cleansed by His blood. As in, completely forgiven. He washes it all away, like one of those waves in the ocean that knock you off your feet and take you under. That's how strong the purifying is. The sin doesn't stand a chance. The guilt has to go. The stain vanishes. The wounds were taken for us and are healed. Praise His Name! There is now no condemnation. We arise and fully live. Beauty from ashes. That's His specialty.

If you don't know this Jesus and would like to, please email me now. I would love to introduce you to Him (scarlettroyce @gmail dot com - no spaces).

And as Gianna mentions, if you're in a crisis pregnancy- you can access help and resources, free and confidential by texting: HELPLINE to: 313131. 
Choose life!
Blessings and love. xo

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  1. Thank God for the gift of forgiveness. And what an amazing story! Gianna is here, for a reason!