Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting ready for Kenya

Tomorrow is the day Bob leaves on his ministry trip to Kenya with our friend, Peb, and one other guy (Mark). They will be flying to Nairobi, then traveling on to two villages to share Christ, teach, and be ministers of healing and deliverance for those who are afflicted with illness and darkness. In one village, alone, there are apparently 300 people waiting for healing. Wow. Can't WAIT to see how God moves and pours out His LOVE and POWER there. They will also be assessing the needs of and ministering to at least 40 orphans (all HIV related)! Don't you know how much I long to get to go and love on those precious ones...maybe next time. We are praying for a fresh anointing on Peb, Mark and Bob (and also the local pastor and his wife) as they bring good news to these who are desperately seeking the Light. Praise God!

We have been experiencing increased attack from the enemy, but we are focused on Jesus, our Life and our Peace. We worship and adore you, Jesus, and will keep our eyes on You.

Today we are doing school, cleaning a bit, meeting friends at the Y for playtime, and enjoying these last moments with Bob before he leaves. He is an amazing father and an incredible husband and my best friend and this Royce crew will miss his godly presence like crazy while he is away.

Thanks for your prayers.

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  1. Praying for you and your family, Scarlett, and for your husband and his team as they travel to Kenya.:group hug: