Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 9 Years!

Austin turned NINE this week! Wow. Where does the time go? Austin's birth was probably our most memorable, in that Bob thought he would have to deliver the baby on the side of the highway driving to the hospital in Dallas. It was a crazy, SHORT labor. We made it to the hospital with a whole 30 minutes to spare! It's a great memory!

We thank God for you, Buddy! You're so amazing! You are our smart, Lego-loving, kind, bug-encyclopedia, basketball and soccer playing, skate boarding machine. And you make us laugh until we can't breathe!

This is what we awoke to that morning (we hadn't had snow in awhile!)...

Love that smile!

A little Lego happiness...

Next two photos taken by the birthday boy himself...

Apparently when you turn 9, it's cool to light your own candle...(delicious cake made by loving sisters)
Happy Birthday, Dude!
We've had so much sickness this week, but it has been good, in spite of that fact. We plan to celebrate the birthday guy a little more tomorrow with two of his close friends, more cake and hot dogs.

It's good to celebrate!



  1. Happy 9th Birthday, Austin!

    Scarlett, sorry you have had sickness yet again in your family...praying you'll all be 100% soon. By the way, where did you live before Canada?

  2. Thanks, Missy!

    We lived in Texas.