Friday, April 3, 2009

Shaking Up My Theology

God has been teaching Bob and me so many DIFFERENT things in the past two years. He has shown us more of His power than we have ever known. He is teaching us that we in the West know more of His truth and that some in other parts of the world know more of His Spirit.

We need BOTH.

John 4:23
Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

I do want to be more balanced...which for me means learning to walk in more of His Spirit. He has shown us amazing things...providing a banana when there weren't enough for breakfast, healing sicknesses, driving out evil spirits, giving us dreams and visions, bringing people back from the dead.


Bob and I had the joy of meeting a lady here in the Toronto area a year and a half ago who had been pronounced dead at the hospital and then twenty minutes later, after her family and friends were crying out to God for her life, she was brought back. Whoa. Praise God! It was amazing to hear her story.

Most recently, this story has been shaking up my ideas of who God is and how He works...

Our friend, Peb, who has the ministry in Kenya just went there again and had the remarkable experience of meeting a young mom. She had been very sick with TB and HIV and died. Her family wrapped up her body for the mortuary and put her body on her bed for the night. The next day when they went in to get the body to transport it, she was ALIVE! She told Peb that while she was dead, she saw her name as one condemned to hell for her life and deeds. She cried and cried and repented. Our Gracious and Loving Father poured out His mercy on her and brought her back. Whoa. Praise His Name!!!

This lady could use our prayers. She is still ill, although improved, but very, very poor. The day that Peb and our Kenyan friends showed up at her house, the family had no food. They had prayed for a miracle that morning and God provided one...our friends were able to give them money and food.

I am in awe of my Father...His mercy and His care and His goodness.

I want Him to continue to shake things up...for His name and renown and glory!



  1. What an amazing and encouraging story! I agree that different cultures have a lot to learn from each other about who God is and how he reveals himself to us. It's like everyone is given a small piece of the puzzle, and we start to see the bigger picture of our Father when we put all those puzzle pieces together. The Body of Christ spans all continents!

    Also, I didn't want to make a separate comment entry, but I was SO EXCITED to see pictures of you guys learning to spin! Every time I walk past my local knitting store I eye the drop-spindles and think, "Hmm, I wonder what kind of exciting yarn I could make with that?" Maybe when I get out there to visit you guys will be pros, and will be able to teach me :D

  2. What a tremendous testimony to the power of God the Father! I will echo the previous commentor and say that I, too, believe that different "rays" are given to different cultures or denominations, and that together there is a more complete picture of who He is. Thank you for your encouraging story, Scarlett. :)