Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snapshots of far

Once the weather gets warm enough in the spring and summer, this is a common scene in my backyard...(I love that our house has an outside clothesline and I hope I'm saving a little $$ by not using the dryer as much!)...

I had the privilege of hearing the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda with my little girls and our sweet friend, Christine...

Playing in the summer rain, which, yeah, was pretty cold! It was fun, but everyone did need warm showers afterwards.

Canada Day!The Toronto Zoo...

See that dark sky in the background?
Here we are nice and dry...

Happy faces...

And now notice the grumpy faces...we were SOAKED after we could not find any shelter in a downpour (and FYI, it had rained off and on for days...this was the first day there was no rain in the forecast...haha)!

The lions didn't seem to notice the weather.
Komodo Dragon

Very cool Moonjellies!
Kangaroos and wallabies

Craft time...

Even the big kids got in on the craft action...
It's a fun and relaxing summer and we are grateful.


  1. Oh, great pictures of a fun summer, Scarlett! Sorry some of your moments in the rain weren't voluntary!

    We've made a few trips to the zoo this summer as well, and though it hasn't rained on us's been HOT. :)

    Praying sweet blessings for you and your family today, friend!

  2. The rainy zoo day was crazy (there was also an insane number of people there that day...the zoo employees were even suprised at the high attendance...and it is a very big zoo!) but a great memory-making day, for sure! :)

    And thanks for your sweet prayers! Love you.

  3. Great pictures Scarlett! What a fun summer you are having.

  4. Perler beads! Haha, I even got my married brother to try out that craft last year :D